White Widow, a all time favourite that has been around for some time now. A fruity taste with a peachy after taste, leaving you with a euphoric high. This strain has travelled around the world for a few decades now.

One off the main reasons why it is such a popular strain is for it’s High Times Cup that it won back in 1995.It is classed as a hybrid, using around 60% indica & 40% sativa so isn’t exactly half but is still a good mix.

It may have slightly more indica then sativa, but still you will not be getting a relaxed high, this is more off a strain used to relief you throughout the day, expect a up beat and mesmerising experience, it will relax you but not enough to leave you couch locked.

White Widow was originally created in Amsterdam by the famous Green House Seeds during the 1990s. I have been to Amsterdam twice this year already, and every coffee shop i visited they had this strain in, it is an essential.

With it’s THC ranging from 20-25%, it is a go to strain for many consumers out there to this date, and its genetics have stayed around since then. You should be getting a fruity or spicy taste, that has a skunky smell that travels far and wide. Appearance wise, it is a strain that stands out, offering bright orange pistil hairs, it looks like a bright green bud with dark green leaves.

Medical Benefits

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain


You don’t have to be the most experienced grower to pull off this strain, it is fairly resistant to mold and bugs etc. It is more off a strain tailored towards indoors, but still you can pull it off outdoors if you have the option off sunny climates throughout the summer.


You should be getting around 8 weeks flowering for this strain, which is around the normal timescale. White Widow is a strain that can have up too 10 weeks flowering to get that extra edge on the buds and making sure they stay sweet. This extra 2 weeks will also really benefit the appearance of the buds, it will bring out the bright green buds and also make sure all the orange pistils are showing before harvest. Expect your female plants to get around two feet tall indoors. Also growing indoors as it is a short plant it is possible to use the Sea Of Green Method, for that whole process check it out here. Growing indoors is the preferred option for this strain, if not a soil grow, use hydroponic as this will still deliver the taste and yields you want. Expect around 20-24 ounces per meter squared, which is a nice amount off yield from an indoor grow. An indoor grow should be getting around 65-80 degree Fahrenheit range throughout it’s grow.


For an outdoor grow, you should see around 21-25 ounces of flower per plant, with the plant growing up too 6 feet in height, sometimes taller. Aim for harvest around end of October. Growing White Widow outside is an option if you get sunny climates. All in all you will get a nice amount off yield but still won’t see the quality frosty buds you would on a proper circulated indoor grow.

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