Don’t expect to be tasting actual Wedding cake, but still the taste and smell doesn’t let you down. It is a super potent smell that has THC floating between 21.5-27%, it offers a sweet and sour taste, with a sugary after taste.

It is a dominant indica hybrid, with a cross between Cherry Pie & Girl Scout Cookies, two of my favourite strains out there mixed into one. The strain was first created in California before dispersing around the world.Wedding Cake doesnt offer the most amount of CBD, it is usually tested between 0.1-0.23%.

A sweet and sour taste, that is best consumed through a vaporiser if you want to experience the full wedding cake experience, as with joints as bongs it will be more of a hint then a full on taste off it. A very frosty bud if grown in the correct way, it will have small shades of pink and orange that stand out heavily on the bud.

Medical Benefits

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Strong Painkiller
  • Mood Elevator
  • Can Treat Musculoskeletal
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease


Wedding cake is said to be a lot easier and will give you a better outcome if grown indoors also i would advise using soil as a growing medium if growing wedding cake. Allow plenty off air circulation and a small amount off humidity to float about in the air.


Aim to flower your plants for around 8 weeks when grown indoors, if grown right whilst keeping your nutrients and water cycle up and also allowing your plants to get below 50% humidity in flowering will allow you to get around 16 ounces per meter squared when grown successfully indoors.


If you have the option off sunny weather and a legal state and can grow outside, once again use a natural soil as your medium, this mixed with the humid environment should be giving you around 16 ounces per plant, and should be ready to harvest in the middle off October.