True OG is a sweet taste and smell, some stoners have reported it is one off the smoothest indica dominant strains out there to this date. Yet again was created in California, and has won several awards over it’s time.

It is a strain that lasts a lot longer then others out on the market today, it will mellow you out and allow you to feel relaxed and soothed. This strain will give you the energy boost and uplift you need. I would recommend consuming this strain later on in the evening as smoking too early won’t allow you to be the most productive, maybe a hard day’s work? Im sure this strain can fix that.

It is a psychoactive smoke that will make you feel more positive in general and help you remove any negative thought you have, in many cases it will allow you to feel very heavy as it is a strong indica that will hit you fast. Consuming too much can lead to paranoia, so i would advise taking your time with it if you are a beginner. True OG is a strain that also has the tendency to smell pungent, and a fragrance of sweet pine.


  • Chronic Stress
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Minimises Physical Pain
  • Joint Pains


An easy grow for indoors and outside, if it is your first ever grow, or the 100th you will still be able to come out the other end with some high potent buds. It is said to be a low maintenance plant that won’t need much effort once up and running. In terms off outdoor, make sure you have a sunny Mediterranean climate, as this is what True OG needs to survive and thrive.


It is a big yielder compared to many other plants around nowadays, you should be harvesting around 18 ounces per square meter, and you should be flowering for around 8-9 weeks.


True OG will be highly resistant to molds and other diseases, and can thrive in an outdoor setting, you can see yields go up too around 16 ounces off dense buds per plant during harvest. You should be able to harvest these plants around the middle of October.