Not just a nice name, also packs a punch off THC or two. As you can imagine a very fruity flavour that tastes off sherbert, bubblegum, berries and all round a burst off flavour with an aftertaste that will leave you with feeling refreshed. A strain tailored towards uplifting your mood whilst making you want to reel back and play some old classics.

This strain is classed as a indica dominant hybrid, it has a dominant 85% Indica & 15% Sativa. The high you get from this strain is a lot like Girl Scout Cookies, it has similar traits and also it’s indica/sativa ratio is very similar.

A refreshing strain created by the famous Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties, both indica dominant strains that give you more off a relaxed feel. You will find the Sunset sherbet’s THC content ranges between 18-23%, aimed towards the more experienced stoners that want a classic indica dominant strain that can leave you sparko for a few hours.

One off the main reasons this strain has got to where it has, is first one off it’s parents are GSC which is an incredibly popular strain, but also the flavour it leaves you with a lot off strains on the market can’t do. A fruity flavour and fragrance that is best on a summers day preferably later on in the afternoon, as too early can leave a bit couch locked. The taste this strain leaves you with, is replicated with it’s fragrance, a berry like smell that blows up once sparked.

Not just a great taste, smell and great genetics. Sunset Sherbet offers the whole package, when you first glance at this bud you will understand why it is a very popular strain. You will see colours ranging from lime green, to bright yellow and brown nugs, and you will see how the frosty buds stand out just by the bright orange pistils showing off.

Medical Reasons

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Chronic Pain


To say how much this frosty strain offers, it is surprisingly easy to grow. Naturally it will stay away from common molds and other natural diseases, unlike it’s parent it is a low maintenance plant, this means you don’t have too put in as much man hours as you would with many other plants out there, this clearly doesn’t effect anything with the strain as it will still bring you the high you need.

If you are growing your Sherbet outside, you need to make sure you have an Mediterranean style climate, if growing indoors it is much easier to do this as there is equipment out there that can do this for you, just growing outdoors alone you have to put in a lot more hours to keep it up, but you will be rewarded with usually higher yields then indoors.

I can’t stress this enough, growing indoors you need to make sure you are giving your plants the right amount off humidity, aim to keep it under 80% before seedlings, then move to around 50-70% for vegetative stage, then finally below 50% for the final flowering stage. If left for a few day’s the strains genetics will keep you safe by holding off any mold or mildew for the mean time.

Hydroponics may not be the most appropriate for this grow, i would advise using soil as it is said to be the strains more favourite mediums and thrives the most. The flowering stage should last around 8 weeks which is a lot quicker then most strains out there. With outdoor grows usually falling under harvest around late September/early October.

For this whole Strain review there has been nothing but positives about this strain, unfortunately that comes to an end as your yields you will pull from this won’t be the biggest. Expect around 8 ounces per meter squared if grown indoors. And around 11 ounces off fruity buds per plant if grown outdoors in the right climate. If you are happy to accept the yields on this strain and just solely focus on the quality off this bud and what it offers, i would highly recommend going for it.

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