Speedy chille is a 70% indica-30% sativa strain. A fast flowering seed, that comes with a wide range off benefits. Is a very easy and beginner strain to grow and still comes with a very impressive yield that will take you back. Even tho it is auto flowering seed it will have a very short flowering time which is a bonus but these type off seeds will usually come with not much THC to offer.

A strain that was created by Early skunk & Early pearl. It is very obvious just by the names off the parents that this is a auto flowering strain. And famously skunk type strains seem to produce big yields.


Speedy Chile features a rapid flowering phase of only 6 week. Aimed for growers in need of a fast turnover. Indoor plants can put out yields up to 525g/m², while outdoors plants can provide up to 500g/plant. This train creates massive colas which taste off spicy, earthy & sour flavours. Speedy Chile provides a rewarding harvest both indoors and out. Prep your drying equipment, because it’ll be ready to harvest before you know it. Speedy Chile jumps straight to the point when it comes to flavour and aroma. This pungent specimen easily paints a room with its scent, and the flavour of the smoke never wanes, even after you’re well into your second joint.

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