This strain has came from crossing the famous OG Kush with sweet special. It consists off 60% indica with just 40% sativa. It reaches up too around 17% but still gives off a strong potent smell which is a benefit that came from the OG Kush side. It will provide you with a well round high, mind and body. however it being more indica dominant you will experience more off a relax smoke.


This Special Kush strain grows wild as it does freely in Afghanistan; It will occupy all the space that it can with its bulky size. If its grown on indoors it will be necessary to control its growth , on outdoors it can exceed 3m of height. It’s flowering period is 7-8 weeks and its yield is of 45 grams per plant or 400 grams per m2 with an 600W light.

To grow this marijuana outdoors, you need to have warm temparature like the one in Italy or North Africa. With enough sun, food and water, can produce more than 150 grams per plant, in the form of small, densebuds distributed throughout the plant.

It has a hash flavour with a physical effect thanks to it’s indica traits. 


  • Genetics: Afghan x Kush
  • Height on indoor: more than 1,5 m
  • Height on outdoor: up to 3 m
  • Flowering: 7-8 weeks
  • Yield: 65-150gr/plant
  • Effect: Energetic
  • THC level: 15%
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