RUNTS THC 20-29%

A strain straight out off California, a sweet taste, slightly like Candy. It hasn’t been around as long as some off the strain that are popular around LA but it sure does bring the THC content to the table, it’s THC content ranges from 20-29% depending on the grow and the area you are in the world. It’s Parents are Zkittlez & Gelato, so you know you will be getting a smooth and sweet taste. You have probably heard off this strain from a rapper or two as it seems to be very popular within there industry.

You will find a range off colours on your Runtz Buds, going from purply/blue to dark green and orange. If grown and cured properly you should be tasting a sugary sweet, offering a euphoric and relaxing high. It is a hybrid that is split 50/50, so you can experience the best off both worlds. Without a doubt one off the most sold out strains within LA and it is very clear why. As it is such a heavy hitter with it’s THC you can expect to be blown away if consumed too much and you may need to perch up on the sofa for a bit. It is best to smoke Runtz more towards the late part off the afternoon as smoking first thing in the morning may make you turn around and get back in bed.

You can’t expect it to have such a big THC content without bringing the smell too. A lot off consumers have reported it smells a lot like it’s parent Zkittles, it smells a lot like sweets, which is never a bad thing. Even when lit it still oozes smells off sweet vanilla.

Medical Benefits

  • Depressed
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Stress


If you are able to get some Runtz seeds you are laughing, it is a lot easier to grow then you would expect as it brings a lot to the table and the taste is one the best i have had in some time. The Sativa side to the strain will allow it to grow tall and healthy, so make sure if it is grown indoors or outside you have enough room for it. This is a strain that relies heavily on High Stress Training, a method that will allow you to grow your Runtz plants out instead of up. Another method that will help is the Screen Of Greeen technique, a method used to get rid off all the popcorn and just strictly focus on growing the buds upwards and getting rid off humidity at the same time. If you are going for this strain make sure you do your research into the right nutrients as this will dictate how much THC you will have on your buds once finished, and is impossible to grow top shelf without them.


If kept in a cool environment with Humidity levels aiming below 80% for seedlings, between 50-70 for vegetative, and it needs to be below 55% for once in flowering. The flowering time should be around 7-9 weeks on average. When growing inside, the Runtz strain produces around 14-16 ounces of quality bud per square meter, depending on the growing process and what training methods would of been used.


If growing outside which is easily double with the right climate, your plants should be ready for harvest around mid October. You will be looking at a strong 18 ounces off frosty green sugary buds once finished.

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