The strain royal cookies offers a very high THC content. Combining the finest cookies genetics, this strain produces a very sweet smell and a strong potent smell. When you smoke this strain you will experience an uplift in mind and your whole body will feel relaxed, something you do expect after 23% off THC hitting you at once.

It was created in an breeding program involving some of California’s best cookie strains. This is the result of mixing two exemplary cookies specimens, as expected from mixing these together you get left with a cookie strain so powerful it bring you a lovely amount go THC.


Growing this royal cookies strain is more for the experienced growers but you don’t exactly need years off growing under your belt to tackle it. This strain needs to be grown in a warm climate, and because the strain is mainly indica, it will grow in a short structure. Your plants will get around 80-110 cm on an indoor grow. Expect a yield between 450-525g/m² for an indoor grow.

To be able to grow some big frosty buds outdoors you need to make sure it’s a warm climate, a bit like California for example in that temperature and humidity it will flourish the best. You should expect between 140-180 cm and will be able to produce some big yields. Expect the flowering time to be between 8-9 weeks, with frosty thick buds.

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