Lemon Kush is a strain that was created by the parents Lemon G x South American. It is a perfect hybrid with it being balanced 50/50. It is a creative high that will allow you to get a burst off energy and will allow you to sit back and work on your craft. Obviously you should expect a sweet taste of bright lemons and citrus. If you want to feel creative or get some creative work done this is the strain for you.

It is a relaxing high that should make you feel happy and uplifted, creative thoughts will be gliding through your head, it is more off a afternoon smoke. This strain will give you a break and a breath off fresh air when smoking, it is not a heavy hitter as it is just a hybrid so is a nice smoke to break up your afternoon with.

Medical Reasons

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Cramping
  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Body Aches


Lemon Kush does offer a nice amount off THC but is still simple to grow, expect dense buds to be produced. It will grow medium length so is still manageable and reporters have mentioned it does not require much maintenance. As it is a very easy strain to grow, one for beginners in fact, it can thrive in both an indoor and outdoor environment. If growing outdoors it need a Mediterranean type off climate/area. Using organic soil can increase the lemony smell to your planted citrusy taste off the buds. Outside the harvest time should fall around the end of September to the middle off October any time between then and you will be fine. Try and replicate this as close as possible if using a grow tent/inside, plenty off airflow and ventilation. You should expect a flowering time off around 9-10 weeks if growing indoors. An average yield if the environment is correct inside your grow tent is usually around 18 ounces per meter squared which isn’t too bad at all. And should be getting a whopping 35 ounces per plant on average if grown outside. Either way you decide to grow it is still a crazy amount off yield that is a lovely smoke to sit back and indulge in with the lemony fragrance and taste.

If you do see yourself in an area around the world that allows you to grow this strain cleanly outside i would advise for you to go for it. Depending on how much you grow one strain could leave you with enough tasty cannabis for a long time. For a strain to offer so much strain wise in terms off the yield, thc content, low maintenance, and still offer a lot in terms off medical reasons i would highly recommend it for any grower but in particular beginners as it is a first plant that is easy to grow.

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