Lemon Cake THC-22.5%

A sweet strain packing hell off a punch off THC, giving off a skunky & lemon smell, this strain gives you a uplift off energy you would expect from such a powerful sativa strain. This is a mix between “Lemon Skunk” x Cheese, offering a pungent skunky smell as you would expect. This strain might be too much off a hard hitting skunk in the morning, it may work for some but someone with not a big tolerance may send you back to bed, it is a sativa strain and that isn’t the usual effects it gives off but as it is such a powerful strain too much consumption might lead too paranoia. You can also experience the side effects from too much consumption, there are not much different to the usual dry eyes & mouths, just make sure stay hydrated to enjoy it.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of appetite


If you are planning on growing this strain i would advise doing it indoors first off all, lemon cake requires a good air circulation and a carbon filter, as this gives off a very strong & pungent smell. Even if you are growing in a legal state, it is still best to keep your grow under control as you don’t want any nosy neighbours. I would advise using training methods like topping LST like bending and tying, to allow to plant to gain more colas and not just to focus on the main one which is what most sativas do & also SCROG so you can eliminate the popcorn under the net, and be left with strong dense potent buds.


Lemon cake is the preferred option to grow in indoors, it needs a 9-10 weeks flowering time, make sure you end your grow with a 2 week flush period, as this will get rid off any nutrients. You will get a yield of around 21-25 ounces per meter squared, this is a strain with big yields, so if your aim is to get a big yield off potent lemon this is the one.


Growing this strain outside will give you around 25 ounces per plant on average, harvest is roughly around middle of October. The yield may be very appealing but you still won’t get the taste and aroma you would in a indoor grow.

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