A strain that was created and is most popular in California. L.A confidential is a strain that you can easily track down wherever you are in California. This is a strain aimed more towards the evening or whenever you are looking to wind down and prepare to rest. Maybe whilst gaming or watching tv after a hard days work. The buds are a very lime green that stand out, that mixed with the smell it produces make it a cannabis strain that captures your attention. If you seem to be very stressed because off a certain thing that is on your mind or just in general this is a strain you can sit back too and play some old classics.

Not only being a popular strain for some popular rappers, it is also notorious for the medical benefits that are backing it. Because off the more indica dominant side to it you will find it is more of a sleepy smoke to experience. It contains around 90% indica and around 10% sativa which clearly shows how dominant off a sativa strain it is. The effects are more towards the indica side as expected, you should be getting around 18-25% THC within your L.A Confidential smoke. With the parents being OG LA Affie and Afghani, you know it will be possible to smell it out from a mile away, a skunk type smell but with a strong relaxing high.

Medical Benefits

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps Rest/Insomnia
  • Pain relief
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Joint pain/swelling
  • Inflammation


As expected from a strain with such high indica traits you already know the plant will grow short and bushy. It is possible to get a nice yield and a good quality bud from both indoors and out. Like the granddaddy purple strain it is also very low maintenance plant to grow. It is also suitable for beginner growers that want to get there first couple plants on the go.

The factor you need to make sure is perfect if aiming for high yields and quality of buds is the climate for your grow environment. Similar to the climate in Southern California where it originally comes from. It also needs a warm climate as it does very well when dry. For an outdoor grow, you need to make sure your area and climate are perfect, they will need to go into flowering around late September to early October. A plant that will give you medium-large yields, expect around 16 ounces off thick dense buds for an outdoor grow. For an indoor make sure the correct amount off light and temperature are given, and they do prefer a lower humidity rather then high. You should see around 14 ounces of dried bud per meter squared if grown in a cool environment indoors.

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