Raw Classic Smoker Set


Includes the following

  • Raw classic mini rolling tray
  • Raw classic connoisseur kingsize + tips x 2
  • Raw classic kingsize
  • Raw tips
  • Raw 3 cones + tips & poker
  • Raw Ashtray


Raw are not only famous for there rolling papers,they also offer a range of accessories including rolling trays. Raw classic smoker set sold here.

Raw are not only famous for their rolling papers, they also offer a range of accessories. The Raw classic smoker set a medium rolling tray useful for all smokers. Raw are now looked at as the pioneers of the smoking industry, over the years they have built the brand up to become well respected by all smokers around the world. The owner of Raw Josh Kesselman made it his life long mission to create a organic business which he has done successfully. Raw have simply made history with their brand, not only are they a natural way off enjoying your smoke, they also provide a list of accessories that can benefit your rolling game. Raw are not only famous for their rolling papers,they also offer a range of accessories.

A large surface to allow you to spread your wings out whilst rolling some of your favourite herbs, the quality that comes with Raw trays is next level. A rolling tray is a essential bit of kit for your typical smoker, things can get out of hand and a bit messy from time to time, so keeping everything on the one tray will allow focusing more on the roll. RAW offer a range of rolling trays can be useful in many ways, it allows you to experiment with more creative joints and not have to worry about making a mess, check out this blog for more of that. Wherever you are rolling it can be a messy process especially for beginners. Making a mess whilst rolling and you still see yourself getting the same outcomes with your joints, try a rolling tray, there is a reason why it is one off Raw’s Best sellers when it comes to accessories it actually comes with benefits that help and allows your smoking experience just that little more enjoyable. So you can kick your feet up after a long hard day’s work and get rolling with some of your favourite herbs.


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