Raw Classic King Size Slim Rolling Papers – Classic –


  • Brand:  Raw
  • Paper Size:  King Size Slim
  • Dimensions:  110mm x 44mm
  • Paper Weight:  
  • Leaves per Book:  32
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It all started with a small headshop in Florida where Josh Kesselman started his adventure, back in 1993 rolling papers were popular but no where near where they are today, Josh made it his lifetime ambition to create a vegan paper which was officially created in 2005 where he risked it all with a large investment which was more or less what he had created already in his business. Prior to this Josh already set up the successful brands such as Juicy J’s and elements which are both extremely good products and are valued and purchased by many smokers around today. The main selling point of his new venture was the fact that he was opening his audience and changing the smoking game with a paper that was so natural it introduced new members and expanded the cannabis industry which truly put Raw on the map and from then on Raw managed to successfully travel the world joint by joint history was made, whether Josh intended to or not that day back in 2005 really triggered a set of events that changed the way people first of all see cannabis but not only that, it allowed many people to enjoy a new way of smoking and from that day onwards the paper has done it’s travelling with each Joint rolled there was a story to go with. Josh has now became a superstar both online and in the smoking industry which is truly deserved, he has also managed to rub shoulders with many famous rappers. The Raw Classic King size rolling papers have changed the smoking game forever.

Raw have simply made history with these papers, not only are they a natural way off enjoying your smoke, they have also created a product that is so much natural then a lot of papers you can find on the market today, that’s why they will always be a first and only go to purchase for many smokers in this world today. For tips on improving your rolling game check out more Haze11.

They have created a rolling paper that is 100% chlorine free, natural hemp, and  vegan, Try Raw classic king size rolling papers today to understand what every connoisseur has been ranting and raving about for decades now.



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