RAW Black Tips Classic Standard Rolling – 50 Tips


  • Brand:  Raw
  • Type:  Tips
  • Tip Size:  59mm x 17mm
  • Tip Type:  Regular Thin
  • Tips per Book:  50
  • Tips per Book:  50
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Back in every smokers day, whether you admit it or not, some of the tips that had to get used were very questionable, i know in my early days the rizzla pack itself was torn into pieces before the papers were even finished trying to get every last piece of card on there. Raw tips are extremely useful, allowing you to perfect the size of your joint and stepping up your rolling game allowing you to cone your rolls and spark up in peace knowing  you are smoking a natural product and knowing you aren’t inhaling any chemicals is the least you expect when smoking. Step up your rolling game, with Raw black tips, these can help you with rolling better joints and will allow you to consume your herbs in a much more natural way.

Raw are now looked at as the pioneers off rolling papers, over the years they have built the brand up to become well respected by all smokers around the world. The owner of Raw Josh Kesselman made it his lifelong mission to create a brand that is as natural as possible.

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They have created a rolling accessories that are 100% chlorine free, natural hemp, and they are also classed as vegan papers. It is crazy to think a lot of the other papers/tips on the market today are filled with such chemicals, when you try Raw products such as a rolling paper or Raw black tips which are my favourite, you appreciate the natural side to it, and once you experience it you will never go back to the white unnatural papers/tips again.

Try Raw black tips today to understand what every connoisseur has been ranting and raving about for decades now.


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