Juicy Jays Kingsize Slim Flavoured Rolling Papers – Selection Of Flavours


  • Brand: Juicy J
  • Paper Type: Kingsize Slim
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  • Leaves per Book:  32
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Juicy Jays was also created by the one and only Josh Kesselman who was the founder of the first vegan papers to be created, the famousRaw“. Before he started one of the most popular smoking brands that there is today, he started with Juicy Jays kingsize rolling papers.He had a rolling paper machine around that added flavour that he wanted to use, his first flavour was watermelon, after trial and error he finally got the name from a old nickname he had been given when growing up, and named after the famous LL cool J as growing up in New York in the 1980s he was a huge name and Josh was a big fan. Decades later he finally named the papers after trying few names, the brand Juicy Jays was created, and it has been history since along with many other brands he has started over the years. Juicy jay kingsize rolling papers are some papers i enjoy from time to time, my personal favourite, pineapple.

The reason Juicy Jays kingsize stood out massively is mainly the flavor that is within the papers, they are such a unique type of paper with a list off different flavors now released on the market, they are used as a lot of smokers go to and daily papers just on the fact thatwhilst smoking the flavors and taste are extremely strong and makes your smokingexperience just that bit better. These Juicy jays kingsize are still papers that can be used to add to eachover, as this will layer itself allow you to create more creative joints, more on that here.

Juicy J does not only offer rolling papers, it has branched out offering products fromintent sticks to cigar wraps and also loose cigar rolling tobacco. Juicy J are used daily for some smokers and it is very clear why, a brand that not only offers a smooth and tastyline of papers but also a unique set of products that are all linked with providing a burstof flavor once lit whichever product you decide to use.

Try Juicy Jays kingsize rolling papers today to enhance your smoking game and try some true flavours. Find out what you was missing and finally understand why Juicy Jay is one of the leading brands when it comes to smoking. They offer a strong flavoured taste that can lighten up the mood and give you that smell you need, choose from the list of flavors we have available and find out which Juicy Jays is for you.

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Pineapple, Cotton Candy, Jamaican Rum, Blueberry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Coconut, Liquorice


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