40cm Cut Glass Waterpipe Bong – Unique Good Quality Bong

£42.99 £37.99

  • Brand:  Brightside Smoking
  • Dimensions:  40cm Tall
  • Colour:  Clear
  • Waterpipe Type:  Glass


Our Bongs section offers you a clean and enjoyable high. We have many different types off bongs available and our stock list is constantly growing. Rely on Haze11 for a quality and reliable piece that can be used to enjoy a smooth and calm high, and will allow you to get the full use out of your herb. This Bullet 40cm Cut Glass Waterpipe Bong offers a very slick design, and does its job with providing you with a easy to use bong. The Cut Glass Water pipe in particular offers a unique looking piece with the best quality and it is a large bong.

A huge part of the bong community use it daily instead of smoking cigars or regular glass pipes where you are risking inhaling burnt ash or tar. This does not happen with bongs as it is trapped away and you are only inhaling the smoke. Smoking from a bong is a lot healthier and one of the cleanest ways along with vaporisers.

Bongs have been around for some time and each smoker has had their turned some have decided to carry on with the method and only consume it this way too. They were first discovered in countries like Thailand & parts of Africa where the simple concept was first used. 

Bongs and other glass pieces are also been a lot easier to consume without giving of too much smell, check out this blog for ways to keep the smell/smoke down whilst smoking. 

For a huge portion off the smokers round the globe they prefer consuming the herb through bongs or other glass related products. The main reason is because they can get you a lot higher and allows you to not only speed up the process but also reduces the amount of herbs that you would regularly use with a joint for example, you are looking at a quarter of the quantity, obviously this differs depending on your tolerance, but all round there is a list off advantages that bongs can help with compared to many other methods.

Here is a list of advantages of consuming your herb out of a bong:

  • – The water cools the smoke, making it easier to inhale. Some bongs have chambers that hold ice to cool off the smoke even more.
  • – Bongs are easy to use and (usually) easy to clean.The water traps heavier particles, water-soluble molecules, and toxins and prevents them from entering your airway to give you a clean and “smooth” smoke.
  • – Many tars separate from the smoke and build up to the inner walls of the bong instead of being inhaled.
  • – You get much bigger “hits” of smoke to inhale than with other devices.

Try out the 40cm Cut Glass Waterpipe Bong for yourself for a easy and efficient bong.


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