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You need to establish what you want out of your grow before selecting the seeds as each strain has different variables for example so have over double the yield then others, where there are some strains that just focus on THC or CBD percentage. If you are having a grow for selling purposes for example […]


It’s as simple as a old technique to replicate the plants, commonly known as taking cuttings. All cannabis seeds are different, each producing plants with their own distinct characteristics. However, by taking a cutting, a plant can be cloned, creating a second plant with the same genetic makeup as first. As such it will have […]

Equipment You Need For A Starter Indoor Grow

Here i will be listing equipment that growers will need for an indoor grow, a lot off these aren’t mentioned when first researching what you will need. What will be listed is what i believe you should take in consideration when first starting and getting through an indoor grow successfully. The equipment listed got me […]


Groovy Smoothies & Hazy Shakes

Luckily canna cooking isn’t just limited to candy, cakes, and dinners; by producing a fresh batch off weed infused milk and you can make refreshing shakes and smoothies. They are perfect for washing down some THC treats or a nasty bong hit. Method To make these delicious drinks, simply whizz all the ingredients together in […]

Stoned Baked Pizza

This is the perfect party food for slicing up and sharing with some hungry stoners, and as both the base and the sauce are made using potent canna oil, it’s probably a good thing if you don’t scoff it all by yourself. Ingredients For The Sauce: 14 oz (400g) canned chopped plum tomatoes 3 table […]

Mallow Brownies

No edible page would be completed without brownies. The originator of all the culinary cannabis creations that have been updated since, it deservedly earns its place in the history books. But with the brownie well into it’s golden years, it’s the perfect time to give it abit of a makeover. So, what better way to […]


Best Rolling Papers brands To Use For Joints

Over the years there are many types off papers that have been created from all around the world. It is a part off the rolling process that is such a precise product it has left people travelling the world and bidding high amounts to purchase a type off paper that can change the whole way […]

Ways to last out your weed

For most stoners during lockdown, your cannabis is getting took into consideration from the get go once you open your eyes in the morning. Throughout this blog i will be going through some of the best ways you can make your weed last longer and try and save money & also having to run out […]

How to not get caught growing cannabis.

Haze11 show you how to not to get caught growing cannabis. For the places that have managed to accept this plant for what it is don’t have to worry about it but many places still have laws in place only permitting a certain amount off plants or none at all. But on the other hand […]

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