A very famous name around the world and always will be for the powerful genetics that it has produced. Labelled after its creative taste and powerful smell.

Many different types off gelato have came out over the years my favourite being either 41 or 33. Depending on how much off a stoner you are, there is a gelato strain suited for you. It offers a sweet citrus taste and is a type off smoke that leaves you in a relax mood, is possible to smoke in a social gathering.

A strain created by mixing Thin mint girl scout cookies with the sweet Sunset Sherbet. From what i have found it seems to be a trial and error job, so the creator knew what he was looking for and managed to get that by mixing two very potent strains.

A strain off cannabis that has been measured to have around 56% indica and 44% sativa genetics. Overall it is a high that will give you energy and uplift to kick start your day.

Most Gelato strains vary there THC between 20-26% so whichever one you end up smoking you will still be left with a strain that gives you a lot off power. Because off its THC content you only have to consume a small amount off this strain before feeling the full effects. You will experience a full physical relaxing experience that is nice towards the end off your evening.

Medical Benefits

  • Muscle spasms
  • Cramping
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Pain
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


Because off the indica side off this plant expect a short to medium length plant, so it might be a strain for you also if you haven’t got the most amount off space.

It is a lovely strain to grow and watch flourish through the growing process. If you can get these seeds in clones i would highly suggest doing so, as sprouting these directly from the seeds hasn’t got the best off success rates.

If you are a beginner i wouldn’t advise going straight into this strain as it can be quite difficult to grow at first. It is possible to grow this strain either indoors or outside. If growing indoors make sure you have a grow tent set up, as this strain is very picky with its temperatures and humidity and needs plenty off care and attention to keep up with these as if they aren’t at the place they need to be it probably won’t lead to the result you want.

Aim for around 75° Fahrenheit in your grow room during the vegetative stage and around 50-80% humidity. Aim to lower that to around 40-50% humidity during flowering stage. If you area allows you to grow outdoors only grow this strain if you are in quite a tropical climate, that is guaranteed to be warm throughout the grow, but can also be exposed to a cooler temperature and environment just before the flowering stage you will see a huge increase in yield and better buds. Aim for a flowering stage off around 8-9 weeks which is a normal timescale you will see with most strains.

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