G13 THC-20%

The result of their effort turned out an award-winning strain that shines with sheer potency thanks to the G13 and the excellent aroma of the Tangerine, among other noteworthy traits. G13 isn’t shy when she’s growing. Thanks to the sativa side giving 60% indica, and 40% sativa. It is a very good strain to grow whilst in ScrOG setup. A type off training that consists off placing a net over the buds which eliminates the popcorn and leaves you with bigger bud sizes and yields. This strains CBD content is around 0.25% which isn’t much at all, you may find samples with 1% CBD. This is not high enough to counter the strain’s psychoactive effects

Growing G13

Growing indoors can give you a height off around 120-150 cm which allows you to manage the plant a lot easier, this is mainly because it is a indica strain which notoriously grows short and bushy. If you use a 600 watt light for example, expect around 500g/m². Outdoor grow on the other will give you heights around 250cm. Expect around 600 grams off sweet dense buds if grown outside.

It is a strain that is possible to thrive in both indoors & outdoors. I would highly recommend using Sea Off Green method for this strain. As it is a strain that grows short and stumpy so will do well in a sea off green environment, if you have a lack off space that is also perfect for sea off green method. If not using that method i would advise pruning which is High stress training, it involves topping the top off the plants in the vegetative stage to allow the plant to re-grow and allow it to bring out more plants. This gives you a much better yield. For more on training check out that blog here.

Flavour & Taste

G13 is a superb smoke that any stoner would enjoy, it is a very potent bud that gives you a nice body high. In my experience it is a strain you can smoke throughout the day as it doesn’t make you tired and is still easy to be productive and focus on set tasks. It’s THC does usually stay around the 20% mark but it still bring a powerful dense bud. Expect a very strong potent smell, with a wild berry taste that is a lovely smoke to have.

Medical reasons

  • Suffering from depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Headaches
  • Joint pains
  • Muscle spasm