Forbidden Fruit is a very interesting strain that is extremely potent. This strain comes with a very dank smell. The usual effects are a deep body high.

As it has a powering 70% indica & 30% Sativa side to it. Not only is Forbidden Fruits a big yielder, it is also a popular strain to grow for its very high THC content ranging from 23-27%.

This strain was created by two very popular strains. Cherry pie & Tangie, so you already know the taste is lovely and the buds come in a dense format and they are always showing there orange hairs, and a rich deep tones. When smoking this expect a cherry, tropical taste that is a pleasure to smoke whoever you smoke it. From my experience smoking Forbidden fruits will leave you with a kind off grapefruit aftertaste which is never a bad thing.

Medical reasons to smoke

  • Managing muscle spasms
  • Migraines-Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety Disorders

If used in higher doses without a doubt you will start to feel couch lock. Some people may actually prefer to be glued to their couch after a long day at work, if so this strain is can be good for that. It’s main reason medical wise is it’s one off the most popular strains out there to this date for stress relief.


It should take you around 10 weeks to flower this strain, slightly more then most strains, make sure you are very patient if you decide to grow this strain. Surprisingly for its medical reasons and high THC content it is actually quite a easy strain to grow. It is a plant that doesn’t require much maintenance at all so if you haven’t got the most amount off time and care to put it, this might be the one.

Another benefit off this strain is the fact it does not attract many pesticides or mold at all. Humidity should be usual it will thrive best between 40-50% humidity when flipped to flowering. And keep temperatures around between 20-26 degrees. Expect around 15 ounces per plant if grown indoors and roughly the same or slightly more outdoors.

If you have access to growing outdoors, this strain need a moderate climate. Once flowering begins, the plants need to be in a better place humidity and temperature wise to get the most out off the grow and deliver the highest amount off yield as possible whilst still offering the burst off flavours.

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