You’ve successfully grown your first crop of sticky sweet buds and maybe even some ultra potent hash too but what is the best way to enjoy the fruit of your labor. A key thing to consider is the temperature switch of cannabis, it is heated because anywhere above 157° and you begin to lose cannabinoids. A joint contains as little as 10% of potential THC water bong will give you around 40%, a vaporizer is the best option providing a potential THC set of anywhere from 50% up to 95%, and without the harmful combustion by products like carbon monoxide that you get with a joint or a bong.

Volcano vaporizer is wildly considered to be the best on the market with superior build quality and exceptional performance and all forms of smoking and vaporization that as much as 30 to 40% of inhale, THC is lost when the vapors is exhaled.

By far the healthiest and most efficient way to absorb cannabinoids to eat or drink them which is sort of insurance that hundred percent of them are going in your body. However the rate of absorption is much slower then when you inhaled usually taking 30 to 90 minutes to have an effect. The high also lasts considerably longer with the fact sometimes as long as 10 hours if you aren’t sure of the potency, eat a small amount and wait a couple of hours before eating anymore. If you do end up having a bad trip try drinking juice from fruits containing citric acid such as orange or grapefruit to reduce the effects. Eating pistachios or peanuts can also help as both contain pinene a chemical that improves mental clarity that should just be eaten raw as there are some properties that are brought on by heat. The THC percent when you are rolling weed is not psychoactive form to be red lives or by the body cannabinoids must first be dissolved as they are lipophilic. People usually extract the cannabinoids into butter, vegetable oil or milk. These can be used even when cold, to make cannabis infused food or drink referred to as edibles.


Smoothies & Hazy Shakes | delicious infused drinks

Luckily canna cooking isn’t just limited to candy, cakes, and dinners; by producing a fresh batch off weed infused milk and you can make refreshing shakes and smoothies. They are perfect for washing down some THC treats or a nasty bong hit. Today at Haze11 we will go over a list of flavours that can […]

Pizza | stoned baked | how to make delicious infused pizza

Stoned baked pizza recipe: This is the perfect party food for slicing up and sharing with some hungry stoners, and as both the base and the sauce are made using potent canna oil, it’s probably a good thing if you don’t scoff the pizza all by yourself. Ingredients For The Sauce: 14 oz (400g) canned […]

Brownies | how to make the best infused brownies

No edible page would be completed without brownies. The originator of all the culinary cannabis creations that have been updated since, it deservedly earns its place in the history books. But with the brownie well into it’s golden years, it’s the perfect time to give it abit of a makeover. So, what better way to […]

Pasta | make some delicious infused rasta pasta

Infused rasta pasta ingredients This recipe fuses Italian and Jamaican influences by combining cheesy pasta with jerk chicken. Red peppers, green peppers, and golden corn are added to represent the famous Rasta colors, then of course the all important ingredient plenty of ganja. Ingredients For The Jerk Marinade 5 oz (150g) chopped onion 1 scotch […]

PopCorn | CARAMEL PECAN infused late night snack

Edible popcorn, a late night snack that can easily be made for a social gathering or even for your own munchies. Follow the step by step instructions to come out with some tasty snacks. Popcorn has and always will be a go to snack for anyone putting on a movie, it has been one of […]

canna Pancakes | WAKE & BAKE BANANA flavour edibles

There a tasty way of getting your breakfast buzz back on. These are small, American style canna pancakes made with nutritious bananas and a generous helping of canna milk to set you up for the day. Canna pancakes, Start your morning of right with a straight forward recipe and a lovely breakfast, getting you ready […]

canna Cookies with CARAMEL CASHEW

These irresistible canna cookies edibles are definitely not the best idea for your work coffee breaks. Ingredients 3 1/2 oz (100g) salted cashews 3 1/2 oz (100g) Caramels. If you can’t get caramel pieces, cut up some larger caramel candies or even slice up chocolate coated caramel bars. 4oz (125g) soften canna butter 1/2 cup […]

How to make Canna Butter & Oil for all your tasty edibles.

Right you must have developed quite an appetite, by all the work you put into growing weed so now it’s time to cook up some tasty treats, let’s start with the basic canna butter or oil which can be used to make most edibles. The key ingredients to make most cannabis infused recipes is canna […]

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