Cherry Pie, if grown correctly it will leave you with a beautiful smoke. Depending on how you get this strain it has a strong amount off THC, with a mouth watering cherry taste as you would expect. Experienced smokers are fully aware the taste and high this strain offers, if you are a fan off cherries in general it is a strain you have to experience at least once. Cherry Pie is a strain that is made up off 80% indica and 20% sativa, so you already know it’s a big hitter. It’s parents are the famous Durban Poison x Grandaddy Purple. Just from the parents alone you can understand how popular this strain is, tied with the taste and pack a punch this offers it is a strain that needs to be tested. Cherry Pie is not known for having much in the way of CBD. It’s CBD content tends to range between 0.04%-0.2%.

A sweet and sour taste that has a high concentration of terpenes. As you can expect fragrance wise it smells off a freshly baked cherry pie. A smell that is pungent but very fruity at the same time, mixing cherries & blueberries is never a bad mix and a fragrance you wouldn’t moan about, as I will be honest it stinks out the room.

A very sticky bud with a piney sweet taste, if it is your first time trying this loud strain you may cough, as it does take you back on the first time, warm into the strain and don’t take big doses at first.

If you grow it yourself, order it or buy in hand, expect very dense buds, this comes from one off its parents being Durban Poison. The other parent being GDP, it does not bring any purple hints but instead shows very clear orange hairs and forest green leaves.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Muscle Tension
  • PMS
  • Increase Appetite


Yet again, a strain that can be grown indoors and outside too, but a lot off growers have reported it as a extremely difficult strain to grow outside and is much easier to handle whilst kept in a cool environment indoors. If you are trying it outside, make sure your area gives you a Mediterranean climate, and has a ton off sunshine. Aim to harvest your cherry pie plants around the end of October, and you should get around 14 ounces off clean cherry glistening buds if grown outside.

Inside is your better choice, keep the temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Reporters have also mentioned hydroponics is the way forward if growing Cherry Pie indoors as it will give you a better yield and also better quality buds. Jumping straight into hydroponics can be slightly difficult and complicated if you haven’t grown before, so just start with soil.

Humidity should be kept more around the lower side as this strain does not like the higher side to humidity. Aim to keep it around 55% RH whilst in the vegetative stage and then finally get it down to the 40% mark once entered flowering stage. If the humidity gets over the required amounts it can turn very poor by attracting mold and other natural diseases.

There is all sorts off training methods out there that are available to grow bigger yields and will improve your quality off your buds. For Cherry Pie i would advise pruning first off all, this will remove part off the plant and will replace it with 2 more stems, you can also “FIM” a method that involves the same as pruning but just higher up, the difference? several stems growing back instead, so makes sense in which once to use to get that big bag. On the other hand if Fiming Or Pruning too much, this can lead to shocking the plant if done too quickly. For a lot more details off how this is done and other training methods, check out my training blog.

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