A potent strain that does not let down the “Dawg’ movement. Chemdawg was a cross of Nepalese x Thai Sativa. Unlike the other Dawg strains this one is a lot more difficult to grow. A strain that beginners should not be diving straight into, especially such a potent strain off weed, offering a high THC content that will leave you with a body high and all round a vividly enjoyable experience. A very uplifting strain that will allow you to lay back after a hard days work and wind down to your favourite netflix series.

A very creative strain, allows you to work on your craft and gives you them ideas you aren’t with many others. As it is such a potent strain i would advise not to consume too much off this strain if you are new to smoking as it can take you back and leave you coughing for some time, and leave you with a intense feeling.

If you are still hiding your bud away from your parents, chemdawg will get you caught, a stinking strain that reeks from around the corner. within my time smoking i have never came across a strain that likes to let its smell out as much as this, some say it is one off the most potent buds out there on the market today.

I will be honest flavour wise, it reminds you off diesel which is never the best, it can remind you off chemicals which is probably where it gets it’s name from. If consumed too much off this strain it can leave you with the usual dehydration, paranoia, dry mouth, dry eyes etc.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress relief (one off the best)
  • Pain Management
  • Back Pains
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Nerve Damage
  • Depressed
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety


Chemdawg is a strain that only certain experienced growers can pull off, it usually stays away from diseases like mildew and molds, therefore keep in a relatively low humidity environment. It is a strain that needs a good source off ventilation, you will need plenty off fans in your grow. For your Chemdawg to thrive it should be in an organic soil medium, and be given the right amount off nutrients to flourish, if given too much it can suffer from overfeeding.


Give your plants around 9 weeks in the flowering stage, this is a normal timescale for plants. If grown correctly you can expect a astonishing 28 ounces off cannabis per square meter.


An outdoor grow can be a bit tricky to pull off, yet again you will need a few years under your belt to complete this grow from seed to bud and still have a nice effect and keep up that traditional potent Chemdawg smell. Your plants should be ready to harvest come October time if growing outdoors. You should be getting around 35 ounces off quality bud if grown outdoors.