Canna Card Coming To The Uk

For the people living the United Kingdom, consuming cannabis has always been something where you have to avoid the police with, especially as a teenager when you can’t smoke it at your house, having to find back allay ways, or local parks was always the only option for most people. Until now, it has taken […]

Best Rolling Papers brands To Use For Joints

Over the years there are many types off papers that have been created from all around the world. It is a part off the rolling process that is such a precise product it has left people travelling the world and bidding high amounts to purchase a type off paper that can change the whole way […]

Ways to last out your weed & save money

For most stoners during lockdown, your cannabis is getting took into consideration from the get go once you open your eyes in the morning. Throughout this blog i will be going through some of the best ways you can make your weed last longer and try and save money & also having to run out […]

How to not get caught growing cannabis.

Haze11 show you how to not to get caught growing cannabis. For the places that have managed to accept this plant for what it is don’t have to worry about it but many places still have laws in place only permitting a certain amount off plants or none at all. But on the other hand […]

How to get away with smoking cannabis indoors.

In many areas around the world growing and consuming cannabis is still illegal, offering no option then having to stay under the radar and keep ahead of the law to make sure you stay safe and don’t get caught. Within this blog i will break down how you can reduce the chances off getting caught […]

Best Strains to Smoke Whilst Gaming

Especially during this lockdown period the time consumed in online gaming has increased dramatically. For most stoners gaming goes hand in hand with weed, if you get yourself couch locked with some heavy indica you may not be able to clutch up as much as you would want too. If you are looking for a […]

The Story Behind 420 & why people gather together every year

Whilst most places are currently on lockdown with the current virus that everyones focus is on. Stoners around the world have been looking forward to one thing, and one thing only as this year it just isn’t one day off it its the only ever time is a whole month. For most smokers around the […]

Films & Series You Need To Watch High | 15 to get through

During this COVID-19 pandemic, wherever you are around the world working at home or generally just seem to have a lot more time on your hands to watch some classic films or some new series. With most motives cancelled such as sports, bars, clubs you find your self with a lot more time on your […]

Joints You Can Roll to be creative and get the party started.

Standard King L Joints Take two papers for these type of joints, typically king size will work for this; however, this method also works well when you only have  papers and fancy something abit bigger and tastier then a small skin joints. Line them up at right angles with the gum strip at the top […]