Blue dream is a legendary strain, a very simple and easy seed to grow for beginners. Named after a fruity and sweet blueberry, giving off a potent smell too.

You can find a strong Blue dream set off seeds at most places online. Often labelled a medicine cabinet essential, so really does show how efficient this strain if using for medical reasons.

A strain that is 60% sativa & 40% indica genetics. This strain is obviously classed as a hybrid with its sativa/indica percentage very close together. You will see an uplift in energy from this strain mainly from the sativa side off this strain. Most agree that the beginning of Blue Dream marijuana traces back to California, where the bud’s blueberry sweetness seems all too reminiscent and befitting of the sunny and golden state.

Recent tests show THC wise its ranges from 17-25% THC and will always be changing between these. Depending on your grow and what you put into it will depend how much THC you will come out with. Although the Blue Dream cannabis strain will technically grow and produce cannabis in a variety of conditions and climates, it is vital to provide your nuggets with the right nutrients and care if you actually expect to cultivate a quality crop.

Giving your Blue Dream weed plenty of magnesium, nitrogen and other fertilizers – in addition to heavy quantities of fresh water. Blue Dream’s flowering period is around 8-9 weeks, which is considered average length compared to other strains of marijuana. Skilled, experienced growers can expect anywhere from 500-600 grams of fresh reefer per plant when their plants are grown outdoors (expect to harvest your cannabis in mid-September to mid-October if you are cultivating outdoors). However, if you are deciding to cultivate indoors, using hydroponics as your method of growing will probably yield the best results, at least in terms of achieving the highest-potency nuggets. It makes an extraordinary day-time cannabis strain, great for a before work smoke to center and prepare you for your long day ahead.

Medical reasons to smoke

  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Gives you energy

Possible Side Effects of Blue Dream

  • Can make you more paranoid
  • Can numb your body
  • Low CBD so isn’t good for seizures or neurological disorders
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Can experience anxiety or paranoia after consuming a lot