It’s as simple as a old technique to replicate the plants, commonly known as taking cuttings. All cannabis seeds are different, each producing plants with their own distinct characteristics. However, by taking a cutting, a plant can be cloned, creating a second plant with the same genetic makeup as first. As such it will have […]

Equipment You Need For A Starter Indoor Grow

Here i will be listing equipment that growers will need for an indoor grow, a lot off these aren’t mentioned when first researching what you will need. What will be listed is what i believe you should take in consideration when first starting and getting through an indoor grow successfully. The equipment listed got me […]

Introduction to indoor growing

Growing weed indoors has many different advantages rather then outdoors you may not see the same yields but flavours and all round finished product will be a lot more powerful from a indoor environment that has a fresh supply off fresh air and a temperature/humidity that keeps the room steady. Within this post i will […]

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