Seeds | which cannabis seeds do you need?

You need to establish what you want out of your grow before selecting the seeds as each strain has different variables for example so have over double the yield then others, where there are some strains that just focus on THC or CBD percentage. If you are having a grow for selling purposes for example […]

Clones for cannabis plants | how to get the best results.

It’s as simple as a old technique to replicate the plants, commonly known as taking cuttings. All cannabis seeds are different, each producing plants with their own distinct characteristics. However, by taking a cutting, a plant can be cloned, creating a second plant with the same genetic makeup as first. As such it will have […]

Indoor grow Equipment You Need For A SUCCESSFUL grow.

Here i will be listing equipment that growers will need for an indoor grow, a lot off these aren’t mentioned when first researching what you will need. What will be listed is what i believe you should take in consideration when first starting and getting through an indoor grow successfully. The equipment listed got me […]

What Temperature & Humidity you need for your grow room.

When it comes to temperature, weed plants are abit like Goldilocks. One minute they are too hot, the next they are too cold . You’ll have to keep your eye on that thermometer to make sure the climate in your grow room is just right. The optimum temperature for growing weed is around 70-85 F […]

Training your cannabis plants to achieve greater yields.

Although you can grow weed plants wild and free, you may find that a little training can dramatically increase your yield or help control the size and shape off your plant. The main method that are used are low stress training (LST) and high stress training (HST). The latter causes physical damage to the plant […]

different Growing medium for each type of grow.

Each experienced growers will have there preferred growing medium that they will use more often then others i will touch on some off the most popular growing mediums that are used for grows i will be weighing up the pros and cons off these so you can see which would suit you and your grow […]

growing cannabis. step by step on how to grow cannabis.

Growing cannabis indoors has many different advantages rather then outdoors you may not see the same yields but flavours and all round finished product will be a lot more powerful from a indoor environment that has a fresh supply off fresh air and a temperature/humidity that keeps the room steady. Within this post i will […]

a different pot for each stage.step by step to potting up.

Potting up is the process of growing a plant in a smaller container and increasing the size in stages, rather then planting directly into the final container, as this can slow down growth and increase the risk of pests and diseases. Most growers re-pot their plants after about two weeks into the 5-6 inch (125-150mm) […]

germinating seeds to get the best open rate with cannabis seeds.

Germinating seeds is where the journey begins you can do this by many different ways. After a successful grow you can use clones which saves time and money so you don’t have to go out and buy more seeds. You will find a few are lazy and need some help when Germinating seeds. Instead off […]

VEGETATIVE STAGE: everything you need to know

Vegetative stagee can dictate the rest off your grow if they are burnt or even if they stay in this stage for too little or too much it all goes towards the final yield and the outcome you will get. after sprouting the seeds which should take between 2-10 days the seedlings should be there […]