Banana OG is a strain that actually smells and taste off banana. Expect undertones of cinnamon for this strain. It is a indica dominant. It’s parents being OG Kush and banana. It has a powerful 25.46% THC and only a small off amount off 0.76% CBD. It still does pack a punch with the high amount off THC, it is a strain that helps with sleeping, if you have problems like insomnia it is a medical reason to consume. They grow in big buds that has strong orange trichomes that stand out. More off a strain you would prefer much more if consumed in the evening. It is also a strain that will kick start your appetite fairly easy.

  • Appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Muscles Pain
  • Mental Issues
  • Depression.


This strain requires a warm climate, as it is a strong indica strain it can be expected to grow short and bushy, and still offer a lot yield wise. if you are wanting to grow a strain that will take your socks off with the amount off THC thats inside it and also a big yield so you don’t dry out Banana OG will be the one

Expect an indoor yield off around 12-14 ounces per square meter if done correctly with the right right amount off nutrients it can be done, expect a flowering period off around 53 days or around that. For outdoor on the other hand you can guarantee a yield off around 15 ounces. It should be around a 7-8 weeks flowering process, which is actually quite a short time compared to others with no way near the amount off THC that this is packing. If growing outdoors also end off September is perfect.

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