An indica dominant hybrid that has a whopping 28% THC which is a very high amount compared to many strains out there, which many have described as an out off the world experience. A very sweet smell with as you would expect a strong pungent taste, with a hint off lemon.

An average test is usually around 28% so definitely don’t grow or try if you are a beginner. Reporters have said it is a full body and mind high, that will leave you couch-locked which shouldn’t surprise anyone with the power THC backing it. It is a strain that can last up to 3 hours and isn’t recommend consuming before any public/social events, as paranoia is a common side effect for that that consume too much off this.

This strain is a cross between the famous Alien Kush and Tahoe OG and it would be not possible for a strain with such high THC to not be created within California. It’s potency has made it one of the top ten OG medical strains in Cali.

Medical Reason

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain


Growing Alien OG has been proven to be a difficult strain to grow it is not for the beginners, a bit like consuming isn’t either. This strain thrives more in a outdoor grow, it prefers a warm and humid environment. Aim for around 50% humidity once in flowering stage when growing this strain indoors. Make sure if you are growing this strain you stick to the guidelines that are set out for your temperatures and humidity as it is very possible it can attract mold and other nautual diseases if you aren’t careful and you don’t give it the attention it needs.

Indoor Yield-You should be getting around 11 ounces of fresh Alien OG buds if grown correctly with the right amount off attention and care it needs. Aim for a 8-9 flowering process if indoors.

Outdoor Yield– If you area permits it and allows you to be able to grow with the right temp and humidity, you should get around 13 ounces per plant and also this hybrid should flower throughout summer and be ready to harvest in October.

*I need to make you aware when growing this strain in whatever setting you are in, or even how long you have been growing for don’t expect bang on 28% off THC content straight away, you can expect this if bought in a high quality dispensary.

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