AK47 THC-20%

A name that stands out for obvious reasons as it really does pack a punch. AK comes with a sweet taste and delicate after taste which you wouldn’t expect from a strain named after one off the most popular guns. AK also offering a huge amount of CBD helps a lot on the medical side off things.

This famous strain has one exactly 16 cups for it’s creative strain. And believe it or not it has been rated one of the most popular strains around the world. To this date it is a strain that has been tried and tested for a one off high or for plenty off medical reasons.

A sativa dominant strain that offers a body and mind high, this cannabis strain is a mix between the following popular landraces being Colombian, Mexican, Afghani & Thai. It is a strain that has 65% Sativa & 35% Indica. And you should be getting around 20% THC from a usual grow. Expect CBD to be coming in around 1.5%.

An initial scent that hits the nose is actually a bit sour, followed shortly after thereafter with hints of floral and earthy aromas.

Medical Reasons



It isn’t the hardest strain to be trying to grow but isn’t the easiest either, the main reason it makes it slightly difficult is the mold and natural causes that it attracts to the plant, so if you are growing it make sure you keep an eye on the temperature and humidity as this will determine if it will be attracted or not.


This Ak-47 strain will only thrive in an outdoor environment if kept in a cool environment with the right amount off temps and humidity you can get around 14 ounces per plant. Harvest your plants around the end of October as it should only take around 7-9 weeks off flowering.


You can usually expect around 14 ounces per square meter when grown in a cool indoor environment. It can be a very rewarding growing process that will allow you to create some dense potent buds. This flowering process is around 7-9 weeks off flowering.

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