8 Ways to last out your weed during quarantine

For most stoners during lockdown, your cannabis is getting took into consideration from the get go once you open your eyes in the morning. Throughout this blog i will be going through some of the best ways you can make your weed last longer and try and save money & also having to run out the house to go and meet the local weed man again. Quarantine has been a long journey and one of the main ways stoners have managed to get themselves throughout for medical and recreational purposes of cannabis.

#1 Buying Bulk

To be most efficient money wise buying bulk will always get you a better deal, depending on how much you smoke you can easily spread out your cannabis for weekly basis or daily. What i do is buying a Oz around the start of every month and split it up between 7 grams and use that to make sure i stick to my set amount and can just live peacefully only having to go out and meet the local to pickup once. I have tried many times before just going and buying bulk then not evenly weighing it up to the precise bags, and it is too tempting, you end up just consuming when you feel like it and can’t keep a exact track on how much has been consumed and how much is left. Only stick to your set allowance and keep the other weeks stored in bags and you can open a new one every Monday for example.

#2 Vape is more effective

My normal go too is always a joint but during lockdown i have gave vaping a go with THC liquids, you definitely get more for your money, and you can also find most brands hold upwards of 80% THC, so you kill two birds with one stone. Vaping also has it’s bonus of how easy it is to consume, you can pop outside or even get away with smoking it indoors, check out this blog for help with that. A good vape will allow you to set a certain temperature to burn your weed at, this can help to preserve it as much as possible.

#3 Get a grinder with a THC cather

It is always nice checking the bottom shelf of your grinder once in a while to see a stacked up pile of THC that you have been saving for weeks. I have found with certain one piece grinders i have used in the past the THC sticks to the side and is frustrating to get off. On the last week before pay day when the weed and money jar is looking low, you can survive off Kief which will leave you sparko if you have built up enough.

#4 Making Edibles

Here at Haze11 we have a whole section based on edibles and ingredients and methods you can use to create some delicious edibles. Edibles take more time to kick in then other ways you can consume the plant, expect a wait of around 30 minutes to 2 hours before feeling full effects, depending on the potency and how they were made changes the effect time. Also in our cooking section our most popular ones are Canna butter or Cannabis infused olive oil which allows you to create a lot more on the menu.

By far the healthiest and most efficient way to absorb cannabinoids to eat or drink them which is sort of insurance that hundred percent of them are going in your body. If you do end up having a bad trip try drinking juice from fruits containing citric acid such as orange or grapefruit to reduce the effects. Eating pistachios or peanuts can also help as both contain pinene a chemical that improves mental clarity that should just be eaten raw as there are some properties that are brought on by heat. The THC percent when you are rolling weed is not psychoactive form to be red lives or by the body cannabinoids must first be dissolved as they are lipophilic. People usually extract the cannabinoids into butter, vegetable oil or milk. These can be used even when cold, to make cannabis infused food or drink referred to as edibles.

#5 Don’t be afraid of mango’s

A type of fruit that is notorious to help with how high you get and also how long it will last. The time ranges and no one has proven which the best time to eat the mango before is, but from my research the most popular time is roughly 45 minutes before you plan to smoke.

#6 Skip your wake & bake

I find that once i consume cannabis in the mornings first off all i don’t carry out the same work rate if i miss it is nice at the time once your munching through your breakfast, but in my opinion saving your weed which you was planning on smoking and getting through your work tasks first then after you can sit back and enjoy your smoke. I have also found when i wake and bake i consume more weed throughout the day as if i don’t i will automatically be in a tired state and would rely on cannabis to keep picking me back up again.

#7 Tolerance Breaks

It may not be the best time for a tolerance break for most stoners right now as they are relying on this plant more then ever. In general a tolerance break will work in your favour and you will be able to see how much your tolerance will reduce by even not smoking for a week. You can return to be smoking much less and you will have to start adding more and more each time when rolling your joints.

#8 Only grind what you need

The temptation is too much when you grind too much of your weed and you tell yourself you will save some for the next spliff and it never happens. Also grinding up all your weed at once will make you loose track of how much you are smoking. Setting daily limits will let you keep track of how much you need to be saving per week so you can limit the journeys to the weed man.

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