Sour Haze THC 19-26%

A very sweet sativa with high thc content and comes with a burst off flowering pungent smells. Expect a citrus lemony taste with typical sativa effects, a strain that can be consumed throughout the day and is very popular for a wake and bake as it gives you a burst off energy and allows you to become productive and get things done from the get go.

Sour haze provides a energy filled high, and packs a heavy punch, you will find many sour haze strains are usually around the early 20% mark but you can easily trace down many top shelf versions off this strain in many states off USA with 26% off pure sweet dense buds. Expect the usual if consumed too much off this like cotton mouth, so make sure you keep hydrated throughout consumption.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Lack Off Appetite


A very easy strain to grow and expect the tall lanky structure that sativas comes with, it holds heavy branches and produces big dense buds if grown outdoors or inside. A strain that doesn’t require very much maintenance and doesn’t seem to attract much natural diseases unless your humidity gets out off control.


You can expect around 12 ounces per square meter if grown in a cool environment with humidity that should be between 55-70% once in flowering and make sure it is between 40-50% once in flowering. A tip to get dense dry buds it to tweak the humidity and make sure it is below 35% once in the last 2 weeks off the grow. It comes with a flowering time off around 8-9 weeks to finish the flowering.


An outdoor grow will give you a yield off around 17 ounces per plant on average, and should be harvested between early-middle of October. You can expect tall sativa plants so make sure they are kept supported throughout the grow.

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