A attractive looking bud with lime green leaves and strong orange hairs, offering a pungent strawberry fragrance that can be smelt from a mile away. If you are looking for a sweet tasting strain with strong sativa effects this is the strain for you. It can also be a essential in the medicine drawer for any consumers out there that are looking for a clear and creative high.

It is a dominant sativa strain that is most famous for its potent strawberry smell that stinks out the room. If grown in a perfect environment you can expect quite a high THC % but it usually sits around the late teens mark.

Strawberry cough is a strain that is ideal when stressed or just finished a long day at work, once consumed you can feel sativa effects from the get go, a weight off your shoulders and a burst off energy to still maintain your productivity. You feel at ease once consumed and will be treated with a healthy appetite so can be a go too if you are on the health grind.

Medical Benefits
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Pain & Fatigue


It is a much easier plant to grow with proven results and high yields coming from either indoor or outdoor grows. Strawberry cough likes a lot of sun so even if growing outdoors i would advise using a greenhouse as it allows you to control and increase the temperature and humidity much easier. It is a strain that likes to stay away from natural diseases but if humidity is too high it will get to a point where it will spread.


An indoor grow will get you around 14 ounces per plant if grown in a cool environment with plenty of fans and humidity between 35-55% once hit flowering. This strain usually flowers around 9-10 weeks i would highly recommend flushing your plants 2 weeks before harvest.


Not as much as a big yielder grown outdoors, you should get around 14 ounces per plant in a tropical type of environment, and a harvest time around early October.

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