How to not get caught growing cannabis.

For the places that have managed to accept this plant for what it is don’t have to worry about it but many places still have laws in place only permitting a certain amount off plants, but on the other hand you don’t want any nosy neighbours snooping around trying to get involved or even worse taking your plants.


One of the most important factors, keeping your plants under control and not allowing any odor to escape is one of your main priorities as it can set off alarms for neighbours or people passing your property from the get go. During the vegetative stage your plants will smell off actual weeds you would find in your grans garden, but as soon as the lighting is flipped and you move to flowering give it a few weeks until actual buds form and the smell will hit you as soon as you enter your front door.

Luckily this problem has been around for centuries and there are many different products and short cuts you can take to avoid this problem. One of the most popular products to reduce the smell off weed in your area is a carbon filter. A very important piece of equipment if you are wanting to keep your smell down and not let the rest of the street know you are growing top shelf. Make sure you do your research into these as they are notorious for being extremely loud, so on one hand it could reduce the pungent cannabis smells, on the other it could raise some eyebrows for being too loud, here is my personal carbon filter i use to keep both the smell and noise down during my operation.

From outside it should seem everything is normal, your main concern is probably the leak from lights that could show through your window, using led grow lights will increase as from a distance it can be linked to growing cannabis more then other main lights that could easily be normal room lights.

Tips to reduce chances off anyone seeing anything suspicious.
  • Use blinds over your windows and makes sure they are sealed, you can use sellotape or other materials that can keep your window surface completely covered and not allowing any light to escape through.

  • If you have to move equipment make sure it is done at night when not everyone can see exactly what you are moving, and also you should always make sure it is in a bag of some sort just incase you still see people.

  • When you have bags full off leaves off other cannabis related products you don’t want anyone knowing you have make sure you place them in your bin the night before they are meant to be took on, this will reduce the chances off anyone seeing them if they attempt to snoop around, also i would advise mixing it with leftover food as no one will want to be looking through that.

  • Make sure nothing stands out, walk outside your flat/house and look at your windows from a street point of view and make sure they aren’t any cracks or anything suspicious that could potentially catch you out on.

  • I will be honest it is possible to still consume cannabis whilst growing in vegetative stage as they aren’t giving off any smell and you can clear your weed smoke quite easily check out this blog on tips to not get caught smoking indoors. But if you are in the flowering stage it is not worth it as the plants alone will give you hard times with strong odors you are just asking your neighbours to find out if you are hot boxing the place too.
Don’t tell anyone

From start to finish it is a long process and the least amount of people that know the better the chance you pulling the operation off without anyone catching on that shouldn’t know. Loose lips sink ships, the less people know the more likely you will get away with a smooth operation, only allow people to know that will benefit or create business.

Keep your grow under control

Keep on top of your grow and make sure you go that extra step to make sure your neighbours or the law still have no clue. Make sure the smell can’t escape through the front door and no light is creeping out the windows.

You never know who is walking down your street then may catch a whiff off your grow and can be a serious problem from the start, as you don’t have to just worry about growing top shelf you also need to be on your feet constantly to make sure no one takes your hard work away from you.

Always pay your bills

During your operation it is a long time, you will see high water and electric bills and they always seem to be rising. But staying on top off your bills will limit the chance anyone paying a visit round your house to chase up any money. There is nothing more worrying then a bill collector showing up at your door trying to get in your house.

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