How to get away with smoking indoors.

In many areas around the world growing and consuming cannabis is still illegal, offering no option then having to stay under the radar and keep ahead of the law to make sure you stay safe and don’t get caught. Within this blog i will break down how you can reduce the chances off getting caught consuming cannabis. For centuries now thousands off stoners have been rumbled by there parents, landlords, or even partners for trying to get away with a joint or two. It is never a nice greeting going to the local shop or out in public smelling off riffa, even for the places that allow it, still can come across as a powerful pungent smell for the percentage that don’t touch it.

Back in the day there was not many things in place allowing the older generation to get away with consuming this plant, over the years it has been made possible by people that have experienced this problem and created ways to avoid it, nowadays you can get things from eye drops to remove red eyes which is one off the more common reasons when you can tell if someone has smoked weed.

Whatever position you find yourself in where you shouldn’t be smoking weed, here are a few ways you can prevent yourself from getting caught. Over the years especially when i was a teenager i had to take advantages off these methods so my mum wouldn’t catch me and threaten to disconnect the internet, which back on the modern warfare days was a big deal.


If you can use the bathroom it is the best place to smoke, as it is a smallish area and isn’t the most popular area within the house, also can help massively with the window being close by which should be left open after you have left.

Under the door:

Cover the areas off the door that the smoke may be able to escape through, also make sure you place a towel covering the bottom off the door which anyone stoner should know by now.

Eliminate Smoke:

You can wrap the paper towel roll and wrap dryer sheets round the end and make sure it’s sealed with some elastic bands, this is more tailored towards the bongs and other ways that don’t produce much smoke as with a joint for example it is just a waste. There is more advanced versions now called smoke buddy which eliminates around 95% off the smoke.


One off the most efficient ways is to have a intake vent on the ceiling that is normally used for showers, keep this on to help clear the smoke.


Have your shower on full heat as fast as you can as the steam will reduce the smell of weed very quickly.

Air Fresheners:

Use some fabreze or a similar product to spray around the room to try and take away the smell.


Very obvious one but keep the window open.

Keeping it secure:

I would always advise leaving your cannabis stored hidden outside your house as it can be quite obvious unless super packed. You can use things like jars and also plastic containers to keep the smell down. If you was looking to keep a large amount tucked away with no smell at all, you can vacuum pack your weed and buy special bags from amazon.

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