A strain that can clear your thoughts and allow you to enhance your creativity and get down and become more productive. You will allow your thoughts to become more clear and you will feel a buzz and uplift in energy. A sativa dominant strain that is a cross between Skywalker & Fire OG, two very powerful strains. A strain that can be consumed throughout the day, some like to use this strain as a wake and bake as per it’s energy uplifting high. It comes with a list off medical benefits which will be listed below, it has always been a essential in the medicine cabinet.

A powerful strain offering around 18% THC at it’s lower end and mostly getting the 25% THC mark at most local dispensaries. The buds come in dense pungent buds, they stand out with lime green leaves and orange hairs, expect a earthy & citrusy aftertaste.

Medical Benefits

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Cramp
  • Headaches


Growing Firewalker OG requires exact climate and humidity to really thrive and deliver you the buds you dream off, as it is a sativa dominant strain it prefers warm climates and if possible only grow this strain outdoors if your area matches a Mediterranean type off environment.

Most sativa strains will automatically grow upwards and tall, sometimes they require help standing up this can be done with sticks or can also be tied up loosely as long as they are falling down as they require to stand up straight to get the most buds out off it. Using techniques like Topping will allow the plant to shorten during the vegetative stage and also help you to reduce your humidity as trimming the lower branches allows pockets off humidity to disperse.

All round many growers that have took on this strain have advised to use methods like Sea off Green with other low stress training will allow this plant to get a good yield whilst still maintaining a good quality plant and to most importantly shorten your vegetative stage.


It takes longer flowering compared to other strains out there you can expect a flowering time off around 10-12 weeks, because off it’s extra few weeks in this flowering stage you can expect a bigger yield around 12-16 ounces of buds per square meter. Aim to keep the humidity between 55-70% once in vegetative stage and around 30-50% once in flowering, this strain likes to have it’s humidity lowered down to around 30-40 once in the last 2 weeks off bloom.


You should be harvesting your Firewalker OG plants around late October-middle November. It usually produces around 16 ounces per plant in a cool Mediterranean type of environment.

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