Super Lemon Haze THC-18.5%

A sativa dominant strain that is extremely popular wherever you are in the world. It is notorious for it’s flexibility to be able to be consumed anytime throughout the day, as it has sativa effects you can expect to be able to become more productive throughout your high. It comes with a list off medical benefits that is probably the reason why it has become a household name for a lot off stoners around the globe. This popular strain was created by crossing the famous northern lights & Skunk #1. Expect very sticky buds and it comes with a skunky fragrance as you would expect from it’s genetics, it will give you a very fruity citrusy smell and taste whilst leaving you with a earthy aftertaste.

Expect a uplifting high with a burst off energy to give you that buzz you need for the day, it can be consumed throughout the day a lot off consumers reporting it is very nice if you are looking to have a wake and bake, as per it’s sativa dominant side it will do the same job your morning coffee does if consumed first thing. With its sativa dominating at 90% sativa 10% indica you can expect a pure energising high.

Medical Benefits

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • PMS


Super silver leans more towards the more experienced growers to be able to pull off this type off grow, it can be grown both indoors and outside but is much preferred and will give you better quality buds if grown in a cool indoor environment, but like most strains you will guarantee a bigger harvest if grown outdoors. Growing in hydroponics is the most ideal way off getting the quality you want but i wouldn’t advise going straight into hydroponics as it can be quite difficult for first time growers also if something was to go wrong with most soil growers depending on the problem it could be fixed whereas a lot off time with hydroponics it could ruin the whole grow.


Expect a flowering time off around 9-10 weeks which is slightly longer then most strains on the market today, you should be getting a yield off around 10 ounces per square meter of green sticky skunky buds if grown correctly.


You can get a yield off around 15 ounces per plant on average if grown correctly outdoors with a sunny climate that matches California is your best bet to produce nice quality buds. You should be harvesting your plants around middle off October.

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