Best Strains to Smoke Whilst Gaming to give you the boost you need.

Especially during this lockdown period the time consumed in online gaming has increased dramatically. For most stoners gaming goes hand in hand with weed, if you get yourself couch locked with some heavy indica you may not be able to clutch up as much as you would want too. If you are looking for a list of best strains to smoke whilst gaming and will give you the edge you need, here is the list below. Playing your game off choice with some frosty buds to go along with it makes the whole experience a lot better. There is pros and cons to most strains that can benefit or affect your gaming stats. A heavy indica may slow down your reactions which no sensitivity can improve. The strains listed will give you that edge you need to get that sleight off hand you need whilst gaming.

Best strains to smoke whilst gaming

Blue Dream

Blue Dream will give you that focus and calmness you need, it is nice to consume in the afternoon, i always use Raw blacks, these get it’s true flavours out. You should expect a energy boost so will keep you going throughout the evening whilst gaming away.

Blue dream is a legendary strain, a very simple and easy seed to grow for beginners. Named after a fruity and sweet blueberry, giving off a potent smell too.

You can find a strong Blue dream set off seeds at most places online. Often labelled a medicine cabinet essential, so really does show how efficient this strain if using for medical reasons.

A strain that is 60% sativa & 40% indica genetics. This strain is obviously classed as a hybrid with its sativa/indica percentage very close together. You will see an uplift in energy from this strain mainly from the sativa side off this strain. Most agree that the beginning of Blue Dream marijuana traces back to California, where the bud’s blueberry sweetness seems all too reminiscent and befitting of the sunny and golden state.


AK-47 is a relaxing strain that will give you a euphoric feel whilst keeping you on edge and focused on your game. Quite ironic because off it’s name it does improve your cod skills and keep you at the edge off your seat.

A name that stands out for obvious reasons as it really does pack a punch. AK comes with a sweet taste and delicate after taste which you wouldn’t expect from a strain named after one off the most popular guns. AK also offering a huge amount of CBD helps a lot on the medical side off things.

This famous strain has one exactly 16 cups for it’s creative strain. And believe it or not it has been rated one of the most popular strains around the world. To this date it is a strain that has been tried and tested for a one off high or for plenty off medical reasons.

White Widow

Another popular strain that will give you that boost you need, can be consumed as a wake and bake or throughout your day.

White Widow, a all time favourite that has been around for some time now. A fruity taste with a peachy after taste, leaving you with a euphoric high. This strain has travelled around the world for a few decades now.

One off the main reasons why it is such a popular strain is for it’s High Times Cup that it won back in 1995.It is classed as a hybrid, using around 60% indica & 40% sativa so isn’t exactly half but is still a good mix.

It may have slightly more indica then sativa, but still you will not be getting a relaxed high, this is more off a strain used to relief you throughout the day, expect a up beat and mesmerising experience, it will relax you but not enough to leave you couch locked.

Green Crack

A strain that has been reported to give you extreme focus, and rather quick reactions. As it is a sativa dominant strain you can expect a tonne off energy to come with it, whilst also keeping a eye on the task at hand which is probably a sneaky round off search & destroy.

Green Crack is a strain that doesn’t need the highest amount off THC to still allow you to enjoy a smoothing smoke and a enjoyable high. You should be getting a fruity smell with a earthy sweet taste. It is a strain you would be extremely attracted too and want more off as it can be enjoyed throughout the day with friends or if you prefer you can consume relaxing on your own. Green Crack gives off crystal buds with lime green leaves.

This strain has 65% sativa and 35% indica, the effects you will feel after consuming this strain are all sativa effects, a burst off energy and some will say it can replace your morning coffee. You will feel a desire to get on with the day and take on them daily tasks and become productive, that’s why for me it get’s consumed more in the day then in the evening. This strain personally is my favourite and is the best strains to smoke whilst gaming in my opinion.

Lemon Kush

Lemon kush is a strain that can help extremely well in games which takes a lot off brain power, as it provides a help in hand and will give you that edge that will allow you to solve problems and think on your feet.

Lemon Kush is a strain that was created by the parents Lemon G x South American. It is a perfect hybrid with it being balanced 50/50. It is a creative high that will allow you to get a burst off energy and will allow you to sit back and work on your craft. Obviously you should expect a sweet taste of bright lemons and citrus. If you want to feel creative or get some creative work done this is the strain for you.

It is a relaxing high that should make you feel happy and uplifted, creative thoughts will be gliding through your head, it is more off a afternoon smoke. This strain will give you a break and a breath off fresh air when smoking, it is not a heavy hitter as it is just a hybrid so is a nice smoke to break up your afternoon with.

That was a list of the best strains to smoke whilst gaming. Check out Haze11 for more content.

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