Green Crack THC 15-20%

Green Crack is a strain that doesn’t need the highest amount off THC to still allow you to enjoy a smoothing smoke and a enjoyable high. You should be getting a fruity smell with a earthy sweet taste. It is a strain you would be extremely attracted too and want more off as it can be enjoyed throughout the day with friends or if you prefer you can consume relaxing on your own. Green Crack gives off crystal buds with lime green leaves.

This strain has 65% sativa and 35% indica, the effects you will feel after consuming this strain are all sativa effects, a burst off energy and some will say it can replace your morning coffee. You will feel a desire to get on with the day and take on them daily tasks and become productive, that’s why for me it get’s consumed more in the day then in the evening.

Medical Benefits
  • Depression
  • Fatigued
  • Anxious
  • Stressed

A strain that leans more towards the easier strains to grow, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors and would be a ideal strain for beginner growers that want to start there first grow because off it’s low maintenance. This plant will try and stay away from natural diseases but if your humidity gets to a point where it is too high it will attract them. Keep your humidity between 55-70% whilst in vegetative stage and then make sure you drop it down below 40-50% once in flowering, try and get it around the 35-45% once in the last two weeks off flowering, this will bring out the smell and allow the buds to become more dense.


You should be getting a flowering time off around 7-9 weeks if grown indoors which is relatively short compared to other strains on the market. This strain can thrive in soil or hydroponics but if you are looking to bring the true flavour and aroma from this strain make sure it is done in hydro. You should be getting a yield off around 18 ounces per square meter if grown correctly.


Growing outdoors is another option if you have the option in your area, you will see a yield off around 20 ounces per plant and should be getting harvested around late September to early October. For both off these growing options indoors will give you a much crispier end product but still not the big yield you will harvest outdoors.

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