Sour Diesel THC-19%

A popular strain because off the strong skunky smell that it produces, also giving a taste and smell off Lemon. Sour diesel isn’t only a nice smoke, it also has a list off medical benefits that i will list below. A Sour and fruity taste that can be consumed throughout your day to clear you mind and give you that uplift feeling you need to take on your daily tasks. Sour Diesel will leave you with a citrusy type after taste, there is a lot off consumers around the world to this date that only consume Sour diesel as the benefits it offers are endless, and they still find a way to stay productive unlike some indicas.

This strain has the name “Diesel” in it, and there is a reason why, it is not the only strain that has a diesel scent, some like it and some don’t. It is a very unique smell and taste, me personally i like it as with Sour diesel it is very subtle unlike the others, and also it goes towards the skunk type smell it gives off, which is probably what this strain is known for.

Medical Benefits



As long as you located in a area that replicates the temperature & humidity off California, you will have the option off growing indoors & outdoors. I would definitely recommend a carbon filter first of all, as this strain will give off extremely dank smells and they will be no way your neighbour won’t find out unless you keep your grow and odor under control.


Growing this strain indoors will add to the potency skunky smell it gives off, you should see a flowering time off around 9-10 weeks, this is a normal timescale for flowering for most cannabis seeds out there on the market. You should be yielding around 20-25 ounces per meter squared if grown indoors. To make sure you get that rich potent taste and smell, hydroponics is the way forward, if you are diving straight into this journey. This leans more towards a high maintenance plant to grow, this is because off the structure it produces, expect long stems, try keeping them up right with sticks for example.


Make sure if grown outdoors you can supply with plenty off sunshine. Sour diesel prefers a growing medium like a natural soil if outdoors, make sure it gets it’s fair share off nutrients too otherwise it won’t give you the quality you are expecting. If you intend to grow outdoors you should be harvesting your buds late September time and be getting a yield off around 20-25 ounces per plant on average. Sour Diesel can be a very tall plant because off it’s sativa dominance, make sure you help keep it up right because the buds are extremely dense it may be possible for them to start falling over once in flowering.

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