Jamaican Dream THC 15-21%

A 90% sativa strain that originates from Jamaica believe it or not. It will give you a head high from the get go, this strain can be consumed throughout the day, many report it is best for a wake and bake due to it’s energising effect and it’s ability to replace your go too coffee in the morning. This strain can be too much for a lot off people, it is a strain that can’t be consumed a lot by someone with not much tolerance as they may experience side effects.

Medical Benefits

  • Depression
  • Muscle Pains/Stiffness
  • Nausea


Not only a dream strain, also a dream grow, you have to only deal with a flowering time off around 42-45 days, so is a very quick turnaround, and still with such a short flowering time you will still get a yield that you are more then happy with. Once harvested you will see the crystaly buds that it produces.


You should see a flowering time off around 6-7 weeks roughly, and expect a yield off around 12-16 ounces per square meter on average. Make sure this strain gets it’s full 18-6 light schedule, you can even go up too 20 hours light and 4 hours dark with this strain, or 22-2 it may increase your electric bill, but if you can ignore that you will find your plants will get much bigger during the vegetative stage.


This Dream off a strain can also thrive outdoors if in the right environment. Make sure your area has a warm climate and there is enough room for it to grow up too 7 feet in height, this length comes from the sativa dominance side off it. You should be harvesting around late September time and be getting around 16 ounces of buds per plant on average.

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