GrapeFruit THC 15-20%

A very good looking strain as far as buds look, producing pungent smells and orange looking hairs, it’s orange and lime green hairs stand out, you will experience a sweet taste with earthy pine after tones. Grapefruit is cross between Grapefruit and BC Kush. Grapefruit will deliver around 15-20% THC content, you can expect both a physical and cerebral effects.

There are many that consume this strain to balance their moods or release stress after a long hard day, it can also be used at social gatherings as it is a sativa, or even for the plenty off medical benefits that it comes with. Consumers have reported it will develop a appetite whilst also allowing you to socialise and also get your daily tasks done, a strain you can smoke throughout the day.

Medical Benefits

  • Relieve Headaches
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Reduces Stress
  • Chronic Pains


A strain that can thrive indoors and outside, grapefruit likes a humid environment, aim to keep your plants between 55-70% for the vegetative stage, and make sure it doesn’t go over that 50% mark once in the flowering stage, to get the most out off your grapefruit buds make sure they are between 30-40% humidity once in the last two weeks off flowering, this will get them to be in there best quality for the weed grow. It is the tallest sativa you will come across measuring around 3 foot tall, but still giving a fair amount off yield. Because off it’s short stature aim to use training methods like Sea Off Green which takes advantages off the short plant and is allowed to grow multiple in a short space too take advantage off the light and shorten the vegetative time, this can shorten your growing timescale but you need a lot more plants to pull this method off. Check the training blog here for step by step.


Keep on top off the humidity scales as shown above and this will keep natural diseases away that can be attracted if not kept under control. Keep your temperature around the 22-27 degrees but make sure they have a constant supply off fresh air, to reduce your electric bills you can look into placing it on a 20 minute timer. You should be flowering off around 7-9 weeks if not using the Sea Of Green method, and should be harvesting around 14 oz/m2 off fruity buds indoors.


This strain will give you around 25 ounces per plant on average if grown in a cool environment, is usually harvests around late September-early October. It is one off those strains i would advise to grow indoors if you can, as you can produce much better quality buds in a indoor environment, you also won’t get much off a potent smell if grown outdoors.

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