Ghost Train Haze THC-28%

GTH is a very creative strain, it is a mix from Ghost OG x Nevil’s Wreck. It does not mess about at all when it comes too it’s THC content, if grown in the right environment you can see up too 28% THC which is one off the highest you will find at a lot off places. Mostly a sativa dominant strain with it balancing at 80% sativa and 20% indica. Even though it is a high sativa strain, because off it’s such high THC content you will feel a much more off a indica high but still with the sativa qualities.

GTH is always aimed towards more experienced stoners, yet again because off it’s THC content. Smoking too much off this strain can lead to things like paranoia, which is not ideal, so take your time and work your way up through the strain so you aren’t left sparko.

GHT is a very citrusy smell, you can expect a sweet & earthy taste, usually you get hints off lemon that hit the tongue when consumed. If consumed correctly it should be a smooth experience that lingers in the mouth long after and you should be left with a beautiful after taste.

A very unique looking strain, comes in extremely frosty buds. Covered in crystals and it’s trichomes also stand out too. GHT has vibrant orange pistils, you will find with all GHT the buds come very bright and dense, as soon as you have secured the package you will understand how potent the buds are.

Medical Benefits



A strain resistant to many natural diseases such as mold and pests. GTH leans more towards the more harder strains to grow, this is more because off what it offers is not easy to produce and also you can expect big yields from this grow if done correctly.


If growing this strain indoors, use a hydroponic system if you can, if not soil will do fine, GTH is a strain that will give you a bigger yield and frostier buds if grown in a hydro set up. If you have had a few grows under your belt i would advise to go ahead and learn the water based system process, as it can be quite hard to grow first time in a hydroponic set up, also if you were to do something wrong or upset your plants this can end your grow and you won’t be able to fix it depending on how bad it is, whereas in soil it can probably be fixed. If not using a soil medium will be fine. You should be seeing a flowering time off around 9-10 weeks, which is a normal timescale for a weed strain nowadays. You will get a yield off around 10 ounces off dense buds per square meter.


This strain can thrive outdoors if in the right climate, you should be aiming for a outdoor environment like California, this will give the plant the right humidity and temperature it needs to be able to come out the harvest with thick tasty buds. You can get a outdoor yield off around 14 ounces per plant, you should be harvesting your outdoor GTH plants around late October.

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