Chocolope THC-16%

Chocolope is a strain with near 100% sativa. Offering a jump start to get your day up and running. Chocolope will give you a high like no other, some say it can replace your coffee in the morning, definielty a smoke you would enjoy wake and baking too. With Chocolope you will be able to get through your day much easier with a perfect way to spark your energy up.

This very unique strain was created by mixing Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze. Just from the genetics alone you can tell how much of amazing fragrance it offers. One off the many reasons why it gets used on the daily by many around the world is it’s ability to completely energise your full body, the perfect way to start your day. You will get a strong earthy taste with a hint off chocolate as a after taste.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Pain Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy


It leans more towards the easier plants to grow, also it can be prone to mildew and other natural diseases which is always a benefit for first time growers, as humidity and temperature need to be checked on constantly, if gone too high it can lead to pests etc. It being a 100% sativa strain the plants will grow tall, make sure you use training methods like topping to make them bushier and grow outwards more then just up right.

If you decide to raise your Chocolope outdoors, make sure you keep an eye out for its humidity levels, and keep it in a balmy, warm and sunny mediterranean setting, for it to truly thrive and flourish.


Flowering time is usually around 9-10 weeks for this strain which is a normal timescale for most strains around nowadays, another benefit of this strain is it’s big yield, you can get around 21 ounces per square meter if grown correctly in a cool environment.


You will be able to harvest these plants towards late October, with this strain being a 100% sativa, the structure is extremely tall. Chocolope has an even bigger yielder offering up to 35 ounces per plant on average. If growing outside you need to make sure you have a warm and sunny mediterranean environment.

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