Durban Poison

This strain is a energising uplift smoke that will provide you with a clear head space that will allow to clear any wasted thoughts. It has a lovely flavour with notes off vanilla, orange and cream.

The high is clean and allows you to be focused and energised. It is a strain that will not leave you feeling tired or drowsy. It is more off a strain that will keep you stress free and motivated throughout the day.

This is a strain that is possible to smoke before a strong workout or a nice amount off exercise. In that sense it is a very nice strain to smoke to get through your stressful day. This strain will allow you to focus on creative thoughts and give you that push to take action and achieve your day to day tasks.

Medical Benefits

  • Chronic pain
  • Physical pain
  • Anxiety
  • Deppresion

*It is not recommend to smoke this strain consistently if you have bad mental health problems.

Growing durban poison

Durban poison will strive best in an indoor grow. If given the correct amount off light, nutrients, care & attention. You will be left with a nice yield with a end product that will be a burst off flavour.

Growing Durban poison outdoor is usually best half way through September and mid October, plan it perfectly so the temperature and humidity is on point. You should expect around 16 ounces per plant when grown outdoors with the correct timescale. And also get around 13 ounces off Durban Poison if grown indoors.

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