Indoor grow Equipment You Need For A SUCCESSFUL grow.

Here i will be listing equipment that growers will need for an indoor grow, a lot off these aren’t mentioned when first researching what you will need. What will be listed is what i believe you should take in consideration when first starting and getting through an indoor grow successfully. The equipment listed got me through a previous grow that allowed me to come out with some 10/10 girl scout cookies. Everything listed is what i have used other why’s i wouldn’t be recommending it. When first researching growing cannabis and the equipment you need there is thousands off different things that are there that will help or benefit your grow but to save money and time i have compiled a list off what you need to get through a complete grow. All over the internet they will find many different bundles with a few essentials within them and are more aimed towards beginners, i wouldn’t recommend these as a lot off these off the products are flimsy.

Nutrients & Watering related for an indoor grow.

Nutrients & Watering; both huge parts off the process and can effect your grow depending on how much you feed/water them. If you are hoping for quality top shelf buds its not an option without nutrients its essentials throughout your grow starting when you enter the vegetative stage. Research your strains and and find out what suits you the best. Individual strains perform best with certain nutrients and substances so find out which suits your strains best.


They are loads off different sets out there for growers to use, a lot of these already have a timescale they advised you off so it makes it a lot easier to work around it and feed them the set amount on the allocated weeks. I would advise feeding your plants every other time you water them, so one day water, couple days after feed with the correct amount off nutrients then water again, as a rule wait until your pots dry out to avoid overwatering/overfeeding. You can prevent this by only watering when your soil is dry under a couple inches. If that is the case and you over feed your plants you will have to flood them with unbalanced pH if you don’t stick to the “less is more” rule, you will be able to identify this problem by seeing very deep dark green leaves, leaf tips bent at 90 degrees and all round you will be able to see the plants are dying. To fix this problem just flush them out and remove all the dead leaves that are still on the plant. I have included a picture off what the leaves would look like if over loaded with nutrients.

There is all sorts off nutrients sets out there, what is listed is a set i use frequently i have managed to achieve great results out there specifically with girl scout cookies and northern lights, i managed to get a nice amount off yield too. Using Sensi Part a + b Soil saves you so much time having to try and get the right pH. This is one off the reasons it is a very popular set off nutrients.

Big Bud is not just another PK booster. It is fast becoming known as the finest flowering booster containing a whole spectrum of yield-increasing and quality-boosting ingredients. Giving you yields like nothing else, Big Bud is very highly recommended.

B-52 provides a boost of vitamins and lots more for vitality, health and amazing yields.

Voodoo Juice-You can use Voodoo Juice in pretty much any growing medium, and it’s quite useful when it comes to growing cuttings. It’s also quite handy when transplanting, rapidly growing out new roots.

Here is a feeding schedule i would suggest following if using these set off nutrients, very simple guidelines just make sure you give enough time between water and feeding.

Ph meter

Make sure its calibrated before using properly, usually they should come with Ph substances that are able to calibrate your meter so it gives you an exact reading. It is a very delicate piece off equipment but very important at the same time. If your water and nutrients isn’t usually between 6-7 pH in a soil grow your nutrients will not be able to fully take in and you will not get much use out of them. The reason i like this Ph meter is because it comes with pH calibrations that allows you to set up the meter properly so it gives you exact readings, it is very easy to set up with these substances

pH reducer & up

This is linked with the meter above, pH up & down can either reduce or increase your pH depending on where it is you can use the guidelines and get your pH to where it should be which will get the nutrients to do there job.

Water pump

Depending on your grow and what operation you are running it may be easier to use a water pump as you can add all the nutrients and spray it out and saves you carrying round a water can for example as you can reach further places with the pump.

Germinating Purposes-

Check out my Germinating seeds blog i go into more detail how its done using the kitchen paper and plastic zips bag. This is a method that most experienced growers use to sprout there seeds and seems to be the most successful rate off sprouting i have seen from my experience.

What you need:

  • -Kitchen Paper (toilet paper doesn’t work as well)
  • -Plastic Zips Bags

Not getting caught with a indoor grow

For a lot off places around the world this plant is still illegal and you may not even be able to grow for medical reasons. Even if you are in a country/ city that is legal you still don’t want neighbours smelling, hearing or even seeing parts off your grow so below will be a list off how to stay secure and not allow any noisy neighbours trying to get involved or even worse report anything.

Blackout blinds

for my growers that prefer the LED option this is more relevant to you as this light can be seen as a much riskier one from a distance as other ones such as HPS or even HID lights as they can be easily mistaken as normal room lights, so keeping the blinds shut and you can even use sellotape to keep them stuck to the window can lock out any light or potentially any tiny spots that may give anything away. What i like about these blinds is they are easy to set up and come with everything you need to get them up.

Carbon Filter

A very important piece off equipment if you are wanting to keep your smell down in your indoor grow and not let the whole street know what you are growing top shelf. Make sure you do your research into these as it is notorious that these can be very loud so on one hand it may reduce the chance off your grow being sniffed out it could also raise some eyebrows if it’s too loud. Here is my personal favourite carbon filters

Temperature & Humidity Purposes

For a more detailed version off this check out my Temperature & Humidity blog as it lists what you should be aiming for in each stage for an indoor grow. This can dictate how your grow will turn out if left with not much attention, your humidity could raise and potentially create bud rot or other issues with mold if you aren’t careful or act on it quick.


You can not run an indoor grow without a fresh supply off fresh air also to keep humidity and temperatures where they should be it’s as simple as that, linking back to the noise problem earlier with the carbon filter make sure you read the reviews and look out for this type off information as it can only get noisier when time goes as they will be getting older. With fans the two obvious options are the static ones that don’t turn these ones can be placed or tied into a position preferably near the top off the grow tent where they blow air directly out and the other ones which are usually best placed down unless you are able to tighten to the corner, these are a lot better in the sense they can spread a lot more across the indoor grow.

One of the reasons i use this fan is the power. For my first couple off grows i always had a issue with humidity i made sure i had a good quality carbon filter and dehumidifier but it didn’t get the place i needed until i had this fan that was able to do so. This fan is standing and doesnt turn that’s why i keep it tied up at the top off the grow and spreads across the whole tent, i wouldn’t advised keeping this fan on the bottom off the tent as it doesn’t give out its full potential.

If you are wanting a fan that can rotate i would highly recommend this one. Also i have never came across a fan that is as quite as this one whilst still keeping up the powerful speeds.


Another piece of equipment used to reduce humidity within your space its something that is very easy to use mosts are as simple as and on and off switch but if you have a humidity problem within your area and you choose the right one you can see a decrease a humidity which will get your plants back where they should be.

Grow Tent/Area

If using a grow tent make sure you measure it out and plan how many plants you want as its not a good feeling having to cut plants down due to over crowding. If it’s a first grow i would recommend using one as it keeps everything in tact and the poles at the top of the grow makes it easy to hang your carbon filters and lights. If you are trying to keep it discreet its something that is vital as it keeps it slightly quieter and allows to control the room a lot easier and its not a huge space to deal with. For quantity reasons it is a lot riskier but you would produce a lot more yield using the whole room but is not an option for everyone. If not using a grow tent make sure your area is a safe place you can use adjustable ropes to keep fans and lights tied up but also i would recommend painting the walls white or try and use black and white foil (panda foil/plastic).



Most people would say one off the most important parts off the grow, without it your plants aren’t going anywhere, nowadays there is a huge list off available lights that are on the market that specialise in different areas. Here is a table off the comparisons between fluorescents, high-intensity discharge(HID) & LED lights.

SpectrumBalancedBalancedWell balancedWarmCoolWell balancedCustom
initial costs LowLowMediumMediumMediumMedium-HighLow-High
Power drawLowLow MediumMedium-HighMedium-HighMedium-HighLow-High

In 2020 LED grow lights are a first choice for many growers nowadays,growers 5-10 years ago weren’t going anyway near these lights as they weren’t as powerful as HID setups for example. Many people swear by LEDs instead of HID setups, asserting that they are a far superior and more energy conscious option. If you go with LEDs, you will save energy, money, and management time.

I have always preferred LED lights mainly as they are cheap to run and still give great results. What is shown in the picture above, i used two led 600 watts lights off them in a previous grow of mine. Another advantage i found with these two LED lights too was how quite they are and how much off a breeze they produce. Or another alternative that i would recommend for a powerful LED light that also reduces the electric bills.

Extension cable

Not sure if this is just me but i usually have about three off them lurking about between my grows, its mostly for the fans and carbon filters that are placed a lot higher then the rest off the equipment but i would strongly recommend trying to be as neat as possible with these to avoid any issues.

Timer plug

These will save you a lot of time as it will turn your lights off after a certain amount off hours automatically, these usually go from the 18-6 cycle to 12-12 but are a very key part off saving time and automising your grow.

Training techniques for your plants in your indoor grow.

Once again i have another blog focused just on training and different types these listed are just stuff i recommend to help you achieve best results when training this is more towards the methods i use which are Low stress training. You can either use garden wire and cut holes in your pots and tie your plants down or the alternative which i prefer is tent pegs these are hooks that you can easily bend down your plants and position them in the right place to achieve the yields you want.

Pots for an indoor grow

Pots is something you will have to change throughout your grow if you are choosing to use Sea off green for example another training method that requires smaller pots, shorter vegetative time and obviously smaller yields but on the other hand gives you a much quicker turn around.

Plastic cups for first pots

If using a soil grow i would recommended just using plastic cups that you can get anyway you may find they are cheaper online if you want to buy a big set off them. Most importantly makes sure they aren’t clear plastic cups as these will not work and you will not be able to sprout any seeds at all, what i have found is that it is best to use the darkest colour you can find but using the standard red ones can easily do the job and will give you the same result.

2-3.5 litre pots

I like to use these pots after the seedlings are finished and are starting the vegetative stage it has been proven by filling out your pots and allowing the roots to dig deep can achieve bigger yields. Just be careful when transplanting these from the cup as it’s still early in the process and can shock the plants which is not ideal at all. These pots are also still a very good idea if you are doing the Sea Off Green method.

Main Pots

The main pots, depending on how many plants you have and how big your space is will depending on what gallon pots you have, i usually use 5 or 7 gallon pots to finish them on but i am only using 7 litres for my Sea off green grow, so it just depends on what you want out off it and how much space you have got to work with.

Plastic Saucers

I highly recommend these for an indoor grow. Having water and electric in the same place isn’t ideal at all. These can lift it off the floor and allow the water to sit at the bottom to soak, there are many different shapes try and get ones that give the plant a cover and a bit of space for breathing room but at the same time keep them all snug in your grow room.

Growing mediums

Each experienced grower will have there preferred growing medium that they will use more often then others i will touch on some off the most popular growing mediums that are used for grows i will be weighing up the pros and cons off these so you can see which would suit you and your grow the most. This isn’t all off the mediums you can use but they are two popular ones i use personally. Check out my Growing medium blog for a more descriptive version.

You can find the following in your soil rock, sand, clay, moss, and other organic materials. It also contains microorganisms to break down organism material and are essential in providing soil with its life giving properties. The starter i use when i first started to grow and still use on some grows today is professional mix a very reliable soil that a lot off experienced growers use.



  • Many growers claim soil-grown marijuana tastes better
  • Soil can be more forgiving for the inattentive grower since it already contains some amount of nutrients in the soil
  • Sustainable
  • More Affordable to Start and Grow


  • Is Heavy
  • Subject to pests
  • Prone to diseases
  • Potential Pests and Inclement Weather



  • Reusable medium
  • Reduces risks off pests
  • pH neutral value
  • Quick harvest & big yield
  • Room for the root system


  • May need additional supplementation
  • Needs rehydration
  • Coconut coir is inert, meaning that it has no nutrients within it.
  • Possible high salt content
  • Can lock out iron, magnesium and calcium

Overview of the basic equipment for a indoor grow

This is a list i have put together as it’s what i believe you need if you are starting an indoor grow a lot off these items are essential whereas they are things on the list you could get away with depending on the size off your grow and where you are in the world. When you are first starting this experience a lot off new growers haven’t got the budget to be buying the top off the range lights and huge tent rooms so make sure you find out more about what you are buying and take into consideration how loud the product will be and if it will effect anything else. You don’t need a big budget for a starter indoor grow, for there is bits off equipment you can’t get the results you want without them. There is things you can miss out on here and there but take measuring pH for example without a doubt my least favourite part off growing over the past couple off years as before i was just working from a dodgy pH meter and spent too much time with pH reducers & uppers. But as the growing industry has became more advanced there is a lot more products out there now that allow you to kill two birds with one stone, as i touched on earlier in the nutrient section a lot off nutrients out there like the advanced part a + b i use allows you to feed your plants and skips the messing around with trying to find the perfect balance as the nutrient does this for you, you still may need a pH meter after all for just plain watering but it’s about saving money and time where you can.

It takes money, time and effort to complete a indoor grow from start to finish. I am not saying you need everything in this list to achieve great results but i can guarantee you will struggle without them, yet again there is many alternatives out there but these have personally got me through many grows and has left me with some top shelf buds over my time.

Keeping your grow nice and neat is essential, the last thing you want is your grow to be dirty it can attract all sorts from insects that will damage your grow to mold which i will be honest is more attracted by poor levels off humidity. Even worse allowing water to slip and slide about, your asking for trouble, keep them separated i have also listed plastic saucers which keep them raised from the ground slightly and also doesn’t allow the water to spill. There is also other things like adjustable rope hangers which i always have a few on the go, i use mine for my LED lights, 3 fans that are tied to the top off my grow and then i just the leave the fourth on the bottom as it rotates so can clear the humidity and make sure the lower parts off the plants haven’t got much humidity around them.

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