Joints You Can Roll to be creative and get the party started.

Standard King L Joints

  1. Take two papers for these type of joints, typically king size will work for this; however, this method also works well when you only have  papers and fancy something abit bigger and tastier then a small skin joints. Line them up at right angles with the gum strip at the top edge of the vertical paper. Lick the bottom half of the  vertical paper and stick the two papers together. 
  2. Fold the bottom half up the extend the horizontal crease along the full width of the L. Depending on how big and fat you want your King L to be, you may want to tear off the top right corner of the vertical paper as the extra paper can create a harsher smoke. 
  3. Add a roach to the left hand side of the L and fill the rest with your smoking mix. Move the mix roughly into the shape you want, making the left side a little wider than the roach and the right hand side a few times wider. 
  4. Pick up the L and roll the paper between your fingers to shape the mix inside into a well formed and dense cope shape. When rolled sufficiently, the mix should retain most off its own shape. 
  5. Using your left hand, carefully pull the front part of the paper down toward the top edge of the roach, while holding the shape of the mix together with your right hand. Use your left thumbnail to tuck the paper edge in between the roach. Support the right end off the joint on your right hand and has your index finger to run along the top edge of the joint, tucking in the remainder of the paper. The flap of the vertical paper should be kept between the index and middle fingers for support. 
  6. Once the full length of the L is tucked in, lick the gummed edge of the horizontal paper and seal it down. Now lick the gummed edge of the flap on the vertical paper and wrap it around the joint. 
  7. Top up the joint with any smoking mixture left over and then give it a tap, poke, and twist. There you have it, a King L

Three Skin

As the saying goes, good things come in threes, and nowhere is this more true then when it comes to joints. So, all you aspiring spliff specialists, it’s time for a three skin.

  1. Flatten out three king size rolling papers, arranged as shown with the gum facing towards you. 
  2. Lick the gum on the bottom paper and stick it to the bottom edge of the top one. Now lick the gum on the remaining paper, but only as far along as will be needed to stick it to the other papers as shown. 
  3. This joint will be very wide, like a big Cuban cigar, so you will need to place an extra large roach with this type off joint on the left hand side and fill the rest of the paper with smoking mix.
  4. Roll the three skin joint in much the same way as the king L. Move the paper between your thumb and fingers to compress the mix into a well formed solid shape. Then bring the front part down so that you can tuck the paper in behind the roach using your left thumbnail and the remaining off the paper with your right index finger. 
  5. Lick the gum, including the gum on the flap, and roll down. Roll and stroke between your fingers to make the joint nice and smooth, while giving it a gentle tap. Fill up any space in the end with some extra smoking mix and poke down until it’s compressed and solid. 
  6. To prevent bits off smoking mix coming through the extra wide roach, it is a good idea to make an additional roach, which can be put inside the first one or you can make “M” roaches to block anything from coming through. 
  7. At this point it’s probably a wise idea to call for some like minded Freinds to come and help you defeat the three skin. 

Back strap-Also known as the flaming backflip. This is a perfect joint for showing off with . It’s much trickier to pull off then it may look, so mastering this technique is the sign of a true rolling professional and will be rewarded with nods off approval from those in the known. This method ensures that only a single layer of paper encases the joint, which provides as clean and smooth a smoke as possible. Once rolled, it is a party trick time: light the excess paper lime a fuse and watch the pot pyrotechnics. It’s like all the fun of a fireworks display but without having to get your feet muddy. 

  1. Take one king size rolling paper and lay it down so the gum is facing down and away from you. Fold the paper back on itself along the center crease. 

2. With the gum still along the bottom edge and facing out, add a roach and your smoking mix. Shape the joint roughly with your fingers so it is narrower by the roach and wider towards the other end. 

3. Begin to roll it in the same way you would roll a normal one skin joint, moving the paper back and forth and shaping the mix between your fingers. When the joint has been sufficiently shaped and the front of the paper brought down in the line with the top off the smoking mix, there are two possible options. 

4. The gum can be licked and then tucked in behind the smoking mix, although this can be quite difficult to achieve. 

5. The alternative is to tuck the gum strip in behind the smoking mix without licking it, using your left thumbnail for the roach end and your right index finger to tuck in the rest of the paper. The gum strip will now be covered by a layer off paper but not sealed. To seal the joint you need to lick through this outer layer of paper (only where there is gum strip behind) so that the gum strip also becomes moist and sticks to the outer layer. Be careful not to lick so much that the paper becomes sodden. You should now have what looks like a one skin but with an extra flap of paper protruding from the other side. 

6. The extra flap of paper can be removed. While the licked area is still slightly moist you can tear it off. However, the sign of a true professional is to light the flap at the roach end. The flames will lick up the joint and burn away the excess paper. 

Dutch Tulip-Pack your bags, we are off to Amsterdam- the holy land for all European joint rollers, home to some off the most potent flower and hash you can encounter, this next roll was created and mostly used there.

  1. Take a piece of paper or thin card about 4in (10cm) long and 1 and a half inches wide (4cm) 
  2. Roll it between your fingers to form a slightly conical tube, approximately 3/8 inches (8mm) in diameter at one end and 1/4 inches (5mm) at the other. Wrap rolling papers around the tube to seal it closed. Alternatively, for an even more potent tulip, substitute this tube for a similar sized joint. However, if you’re doing this, ensure the joint is a tight and solid roll that can support the weight of the tulip bud. 
  3. Now take two king sized papers or more if you want to make a bigger tulip). Lick the gum strip on one of the papers and stick it to the un-gummed bottom edge of the second paper to form a large rectangle. Use your hands to flatten it out. 
  4. Fold the bottom left corner of the rectangle up at a 45 degree angle so that the edge lines up with the bottom of the gum strip. 
  5. Without licking it, fold the gum strip down over the folded corner and run your fingers along it to make a create a full length of the paper. Fold back this crease slightly, lick the gum strip, and fold it back down so that it seals the folded corner. 
  6. Wait a couple of minutes for the gum to dry and then open the paper out. You should have something resembling a cone, with one side longer then the other. 
  7. Fill this cone with your smoking mix and pack it down to about 5/8 inches (15 mm) from the top. Use a pencil to gently push the mix right into the tip of the cone (be careful not to push the pencil through the paper). Now push your paper tube just into the top of the mix. 
  8. Using your thumb and index finger, pinch the unfilled part of the cone around the paper tube so that the mix is tightly packed into the bulb. 
  9. Use scissors to cut the gum strip off two or three rolling papers and wrap them tightly around the pinched part of the tulip (a piece off string or thread can be used instead). 
  10. Bring the loose excess flap off paper over the bulb to form the leaves of the tulip. Now get ready to enjoy the full effect of a traditional Dutch delicacy. 

Snake bite-Fancy a joint with a little venom in it. A creative joint with a lot to offer once you’ve smoked this spliff you will feel like you are in a snakes chamber. 

  1. For this roll you will need one king sized paper and two small papers (one skins) as well as a few extras for the gum strips. 
  2. Prepare the king size paper as you would for a standard one skin, with a roach at the left and smoking mix shaped ready for rolling. Do not put roaches in the two small papers, just fill them with smoking mix all the way along. 
  3. Roll the joint as you would normally, tapping and poking at the end. However, only twist the ends of the small joints. Leave about 5/8 inches (15mm) of space at the end off the large joint and try not to compact the very last part too much. Insert the two small joints into the end of the large one. 
  4. Use scissors to cut the gum strips off a few extra rolling papers and stick one down through the middle of the two small joints as shown. 
  5. Take one or two more gum strips and wrap them around the joint, sealing it all together. 
  6. There it is a snake bite it looks a lot easier then it is to pull off but can hit you like a ton of bricks if smoking by yourself. 

Cross joint-Made famous by Seth Rogan and James Franco in the brilliant stoner film “Pineapple Express”. According to Franco’s dope dealing character, when lighting a three ends at the same time “the smoke converges, cresting a trifecta of joint smoking power” I don’t know about that, but what I do know is this packs one hell off a punch and is more then capable of converting any non believer of the weed. Just remember you can’t even light this thing on your one do make sure you’ve got a smoking buddy to help, not to mention three lighters. 

  1. Take one king sized paper and one small paper, and lay them out with the gum facing up and towards you. 
  1. Add a large roach and plenty off smoking mix to the king sized paper. You will need to make this joint large enough for the smaller joint to be able to pass through it. Prepare the small paper without a roach and with the smoking mix coming all the way to both ends. 
  2. Roll the large joint as you would a standard one skin but don’t compact the top half when you poke it or twist up the end too tightly instead just pinch it closed. Roll the small joint so that it is uniform in diameter (not cone shaped) poke both ends and twist them. 
  3. Take a needle, toothpick, or similar sharp instrument and poke the hole through the large joint, about two thirds of the way up. Slowly wiggle the needle around in a circular motion to widen the hole in the joint until it looks big enough for the small joint to fit through. 
  4. Start to push the small joint through the hole. When it is a little way through, use the needle to make a hole through the center of the small joint to allow the air to flow through. As before, wiggle the needle to open the hole up sufficiently. 
  5. Pull the small joint until it is halfway through the large one. Use scissors to cut the gum strip of three or four small papers and wrap one around each of the arms of the cross to seal the gaps. 
  6. Use the remaining gum strips to wrap all around the junction of the cross, sealing up any remaining gaps. Smoke one of these sacred spliffs and it will give a whole new meaning to “having a hot cross bun” 


  1. Take two pieces of paper or thin card, approximately 6×2 inches (15x5cm). Roll them into two tubes, approximately the same diameter as a pencil but one slightly wider then the other that is roughly the same size as the one used in the picture. Seal them both with tape or rolling papers. 
  2. Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut a hole half way along the wider tube. The other tube will need to fit snugly into this hole, so be careful not to cut the hole too big. It is a good dea to start and gradually increase the size of the hole until it is just right. 
  3. Insert the narrower tube into the hole and seal the junction with tape or gum strips removed from rolling papers. 
  4. All that is left now is to roll two juicy joints, push them into each end of the T-Bar, and that’s it. 

Devils trident-This menacing pitchfork of a spliff is known as a “devils trident”. 

  1. Take two pieces of paper or thin card, one approximately 4×1 1/2 inch (10x4cm) and the other 6×1 1/2 inches (15x4cm) Roll them into tubes, making the shorter one slightly narrower then the other side. Bear in mind that the longer tube needs to be suitable diameter to insert a joint snugly into the end of it. Also, the shorter tube needs to be narrower enough to pass through the longer tube. Seal with tape or rolling papers. 
  2. Using a sharp knife of scissors, cut a hole about 1/2 inches or 10-15mm  for each end of the shorter tube. These holes must only go through one side of the tube and not all the way through. They also need to be the right size for the roach end of a spliff to be inserted. Next cut a hole all the way through the middle of the tube. 
  3. Now cut a hole all the way through the longer tube, approximately 3/4 inches (20mm) from one end. Pass the shorter tube through is so that the center hole of the shorter tube lines up with the center of the longer tube. Make sure that air can clearly pass through. 
  4. Seal any gaps around the junction using tape or rolling papers. Also seal the open ends of the shorter tube. 
  5. Insert joints into each of the three holes and invite two of your freinds over to even up the numbers. Just be careful not to take someone’s eye out whilst lighting up this bad boy. 

Standard Blunt

  1. To make a blunt you will need a cigar the fatter the better, as it will give more width to the blunt paper and allow for easier rolling. Although cigars are not particularly cheap, the more expensive and higher quality cigars will be made with higher grade tobacco leaves and ultimately lead to a superior blunt. Blunt wraps are available to buy, but they don’t come close to the real deal and are best avoided. If your cigars has a closed end this must first be removed using a cigar cutter or a sharp knife. If the cigar has a label, this must be removed as well. 
  2. Soak a small towel in warm water and then ring it out with your hands until no more water drips out. You want it to be damp but not overly wet. Now wrap the towel around the cigars for a few seconds to moisten and soften it. You can also hold the cigar over the steam from a kettle or simply give it a good lick. Moistening then cigar can be repeated as much as is needed throughout, in order to keep it soft and prevent cracking. 
  3. Using a very sharp knife, start a one end and carefully cut down the full length of the cigar. 
  4. Insert a needle, toothpick, or any other suitable instrument into the cut and slide out the tobacco filling. It is best to remove a small section at a time, starting from the bottom and working up, so as to avoid damaging the outer layers. 
  5. You will now have an empty cigar skin that can be laid out flat. Most cigars have an outer “wrapper” of a tobacco leaf wrapped around a thicker layer of reconstituted tobacco called a “blinder”. The blinder is the part you want to keep, so using your fingers, peel away the outer wrapper leaf. 
  6. Many blunt connoisseurs will insist that a true blunt should be made without a roach. It all comes down to a personal preference and ultimately there is no right or wrong way to get stoned. However using a roach will prevent the end becoming clogged with moisture and tar, and give you something to hold without getting your fingers burned. Despite the on going tobacco/ no tobacco debate among joint smokers, most blunt tokers will agree that only pure weed or a weed and hash mix should be rolled up. However, a blunt can take quite a lot of filling so in hard up times a little tobacco can be used. 
  7. Whereas joints are rolled by sliding the sides of the paper past each other to shape the mix and then using a tuck and roll technique, blunts aren’t as workable and their size can be restrictive. Instead, the filling is pressed into place from above with your fingers and the blunt skin rolled and gently pressed to get the desired shape and density. 
  8. Once the weed is shaped sufficiently, use your thumb to tuck the front part of the blunt skin in behind the filling. Although there is no gummed strip, as on a rolling paper, lick along the inside of the flap, as you would with a rolling paper, and seal the blunt closed. 
  9. Finally, lick the blunt thoroughly all over to fully seal it, give it a tap and a poke, and leave for a few minutes to dry. If it is really wet, you can carefully run the flame from a lighter along the outside of the blunt to help it dry. 


  1. Although it is possible to use a finale length paper for a twister, for a truly impressive creation a bit of extra length is needed. Rip-style papers are perfect for this; however, joining two king size papers together works just as well. To do this, use the technique explained in the two skin. 
  2. Add a roach and then add your smoking mix. Use your fingers to shape the mix into a fairly thin and even line. 
  3. Roll the joint fairly straight, even, and narrow. Due to the length you may want to rest one end on a raised surface while you work on the other end.
  4. Roll two more joints in the same way, trying to make them as similar to each over as possible. Lay them out, side by side with the roaches lined up. Cut the gum strips from two or three rolling papers and use them to bind the roach ends of the three joints together. Leave for a minute or two so that the gum strips are fully dry. 
  5. Take the joint from one side and pass it over the top of the middle joint so that they are snugly fitting together at the roach end. Then take the third joint and pass this over the one that is now in the middle. Again make sure they are fitting snugly together. 
  6. Now move the joint at the top of the diagram over the top of the joint that has now in the middle. Repeat this process of alternately folding the outside joints over the top of the middle joint, making sure at each stage that they are fitting together as closely as possible. 
  7. Once you have braided the full length of the joint, twist the three ends together and get ready to be blown away. 

Scorpion This is Mother Nature at her finest. Roll this chronic creepy crawly it is probably the most advanced roll that will be on this blog today so take it step by step and you should create a master piece. 

  1. To make the body of the scorpion you will need four king-size rolling papers. Lick the gum strip of one paper and stick it to the bottom edge of another paper and turn the third paper by 90° and stick its gum strip to the right hand edge of the first two papers. Be sure only to lick the area of gum strip that will be covered by the first two papers. 
  2. Fold up the bottom half of the lower horizontal paper and crease all the way along, through the vertical paper. Lick this crease and tear off the bottom part of the papers. Then take the fourth paper, again only licking the section of gum strip that will be covered up. 
  3. Add a roach, plenty of smoking mix, and roll the joint as you would a three skin, but with a second flap. Tap and poke the joint but not overly so, as some flexibility will be needed later. 
  4. Next, get five more king size rolling papers. Roll two cone shaped one skin joints but without roaches and roll the other three papers into skinnier straight joints, also with no roaches. Twist both ends off the skinny joints but leave both ends of the cones open. Take a needle or other sharp pointed instrument and make a small hole(big enough for air to pass through) all the way through the center of the three skinny joints. 
  5. We now need to make two mini Dutch tulip buds so take two more king size papers  and stick the gum strip of one of them to the bottom edge of the other. Lick along the center crease line of the lower paper, tear off the bottom section and discard it. Now cut vertically through the center of the papers splitting them into two.
  6. Fold the bottom left corner up at a 45 degree angle so that the edge lines up with the bottom off the gum strip. Without licking it, fold the gum strip down over the folded corner and run your finger along it to make a crease the full length of the paper. Fold back this crease slightly, lick the gum strip, and fold it back down so that it seals the folded corner. Repeat for the other section of rolling papers. 
  7. Cut or tear away the top part of both papers, so that the openings of the flattened tulip buds are level. 
  8. Open up these tulip buds and fill them with smoking mix, making sure to get it right in to the tips. Insert the conical joints (see step 4) into the tops of smoking mix and pinch the paper around the stems of the joints to create the bud shapes. Secure the buds in place using the gum strips cut from a couple of extra rolling papers. 
  9. Using the needle again, poke a hole all the way through the center of the large joint. 
  10. Insert one of the skinny joints through this hole so that the hole in the center of the skinny joints lines up with the air channel of the large joints, making holes approximately 5/8 inches (15mm) apart from each other, moving toward the wider end of the large joint. Seal any gaps around these three joints with some more gum strips. 
  11. Mark a fourth hole all the way through the large joint, this time a little further along than the spacing between the first three skinny joints, approximately 3/4 inches (20mm). Insert the two mini Dutch tulips into these holes and secure firmly with gum strips. 
  12. Gently bend the skinny joints down to form the legs, bend the tulip stems round and up slightly to make the arms, and finally bend the roach end of the large joint upward to make the scorpions curled tail. It’s best not to light all joints at once; stagger them by first lighting the pincers, followed by the head and finally the legs. And that’s it the scorpion spliff, cudos if you can pull it off in one piece a very hard roll but rewarding at the same time. 

And there you have it some creative joints that get used by other stoners around the world. Obviously you can stick with your simple joints but here they are a few if you are currently stuck in your home and want to try something new. If you are new to rolling some off these may be too difficult but i have listed some easy ones to start with and the step by steps should keep it easy. If you are currently on lockdown gives these a try.

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