growing cannabis. step by step on how to grow cannabis.

Growing cannabis indoors has many different advantages rather then outdoors you may not see the same yields but flavours and all round finished product will be a lot more powerful from a indoor environment that has a fresh supply off fresh air and a temperature/humidity that keeps the room steady. Within this post i will include brief descriptions on what you need to consider if deciding to start an indoor grow.

Soil or hydroponic:

This is the first decision you need to make. The type of setup will have an impact on the grow room you choose. If using the hydroponics, consider any extra space needed to accommodate reservoirs and other equipment.


A grow room should be a self contained space adequate for the number of plants you plan on growing. You might have an entire room available or just a small cupboard under the stairs, both will do the job perfectly well. Specially designed grow tents are a good shout these units comes in a range off different sizes and have built in vents and fittings for all your equipment. Giving your plants plenty off space is vital; they need to be able to grow freely with room around them for airflow and light penetration. An ideal grow space should be at least 6 feet (1.8m) tall and allow at least 1ft 2 (30cm2) of space, just consider the various methods of training or even consider using auto flowering varieties which can mature at just 1 foot (30cm).


You want light to be able to reach all around your plants, so cover the walls with a reflective material such as Mylar or simply paint the walls white. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM FOIL. As this can heat up and burn plants. Light escaping from a grow room is one way off getting caught so ensure there is no way off it escaping. It is also important no light can creep into your grow room during dark hours. Growing cannabis requires powerful lights that can achieve strong results and pull a good yield in, make sure you do your research on your lights as there is so many on the market today.

Heat: This can be a problem in small spaces. Make sure the surrounding area is not prone to to extremes in temperature. When the lights go out the temperature can decrease dramatically, and cold temperature are as much of a threat as high ones. Police have also been known to use heat maps to detect grow operation. So maintaining a typical grow temperature (68-79F/20-26C) in the surrounding area is important, especially if growing in a loft.

Air supply or odor control:

To control heat and to keep your plants happy, a grow room needs a fresh supply of fresh air and a route for the old air to escape through. For fairly small spaces, a room with a window should be fine. Your area should also be as airtight as possible to contain any odors. You don’t want the wrong people getting a whiff of your stash. You can do this by setting up a carbon filter and also use fans to keep the smell controlled.


Like me and you, plants get thirsty and want a good drink from time to time. You will need constant access to water and a way to dispose of any unwanted liquids, so make sure these aren’t too far away. Nobody wants to be lugging heavy buckets up three flights of stairs each time your plants need watering. Also if using hydroponics you will need to take precautions to avoid any floods or spills.

Noise: echoing through ducting can get noisy and get you caught. So locate your grow area away from anywhere it could easily be heard. Acoustic ducting and ventilation silencers can be used to reduce any noise.


Pests and diseases thrive in dirty conditions, so maintain a high level of cleanliness both in your grow room and surrounding area.


Water and electricity do not mix! Any grow area has lots off both, so be sensible. Keeping all electric equipment and cables high up is a good way to avoid accidents.


People get caught because off laziness, complacency, or greed. Don’t cut corners, make assumptions, or take unnecessary risks. Always think one step ahead, be constantly vigilant and do not trust anyone.

Growing cannabis indoors is the only choice for a lot off people. If you are growing in an area that your not allowed to you have to stay one step ahead and make sure everything is in place to prevent you getting caught. For any type off grower it is a time consuming process and requires a lot off effort and knowledge to produce frosty quality weed. It can be a very long process but worth the journey. For new growers its a lot off learning to do to get to the point where you can easily maintain things from the pH to the humidity and temperature it could be for a short time these aren’t at the places they need to be but can easily effect the end product.

Growing cannabis can be extreemly difficult task without the proper research. Haze11 has you covered with tips to achieve the harvest you want.

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