germinating seeds to get the best open rate with cannabis seeds.

Germinating seeds is where the journey begins you can do this by many different ways. After a successful grow you can use clones which saves time and money so you don’t have to go out and buy more seeds.

You will find a few are lazy and need some help when Germinating seeds. Instead off putting them straight into your growing medium which is possible, there is a few different ways of getting the seeds sprouted into small seedlings. Give your seeds a kickstart by sprouting them first using one of the most popular methods below.

Paper Towel Method

What you need:

  • small container with a lid or a zip plastic bag.
  • Paper towel-preferably Kitchen roll
  • Distilled or mineral water
  • Your Seeds

1) Fold a sheet of paper so they will fit into the container you may have to tear some off and pour some water so the towel becomes thoroughly wet but not drenched. Place the seeds on top of the towel and fold the wet paper over the top off them.

2) Put the lid on the container or in the zip bag and keep it closed and then put it somewhere dark at temperature of around 21-31 degrees. A popular place for mine are behind consoles or PCs if they are kept in a desk where they can stay warm and no light can sneak in that will be fine. Check occasionally to make sure the paper towel hasn’t dried out. After 1-3 days the seeds will crack open and a white sprout called a radicle will pop out. This is the root or taproot which needs to be planted with that facing down first.

3a) If growing in soil, take a small pot approximately 4in (10cm) in diameter and fill it with a 50/50 mixture of seedlings compost and either perlite or vermiculite. You can water the soil so that it is wet but make sure it is not drenched. Use a pencil to poke a hole about twice as deep as the length of the seed.

3b) if you are going for a hydroponic grow it’s best to use rockwool starter cubes for a couple hours in water adjusted to pH 5.5. Then get rid off any excess water. Use the pencil again to open up the hole ( or create a hole if there’s not one there already.

4) Place the seed into the hole with the sprout facing downward and cover with a thin layer of medium, be careful and try not to touch it as much. Some growers choose not to pre-germinate, and instead put the unsprouted seed directly into the growing medium which i will include later on. If you choose this option ensure that you plant the seed with its pointed end facing down and just spray some unbalanced ph water over .

5) place your medium inside the propagator with a transparent cover. This will act like a small greenhouse keeping the air moist and warm, this is an ideal environment for seedlings to grow. Put the propagator under the suitable seedlings lights (CFL lighting is ideal) for 18 hours per day don’t increase the lighting schedule until you reach veg stage that’s when you can give it less time in the dark. Aim for a temperature of around 70-77 (21-25). To reduce the risk off mold, lift up the propagator coverto to provide fresh air.

6) After a day or two the little seedlings will finally make its way out of the soil, a pair of tiny round leaves called cotyledons. As soon as it comes through, removing the pot or cube from the propagator.Keep the seedlings under the seedlings lights for a few days before moving to more powerful lights. Cannabis seeds can be expensive, check out my cloning to save you tons off money.

Other ways off Germinating seeds

Directly in soil:

You can also use starter cubes or plugs. Place the seed in your medium, add/spray water (prefferably unbalanced pH), and wait for it to germinate, don’t over do it on the water as it could easily soak the sead and drown early on and won’t have a chance off survival. They aren’t always as successful, but they eliminate the risk of damaging your root when transporting a young sprout to its final growing home. Also it saves you time from waiting around for them to be finished in the bag.

Watering your seedlings

This is a crucial part off the process and too little won’t give them the right environment to sprout and too much could drown them. Germinating seeds indoors using soil or another growing medium it is relatively easy to monitor the water levels. Water your seed until you see water dripping out from the pot/cup. Even though the seedling cannot absorb that much water, it will evaporate quite quickly, so you need to make sure there is always enough around. This is a lot easier to be checking on as its still early in the process and your pot size are still very small.If you water it until it reaches this point, it should supply enough moisture for a few days.

Tips for Germinating seeds.

-The ideal temperature is between 21° and 25° Celsius for the seedlings

-The ideal air humidity should be between 70% and 90%

-The environment must be damp but not wet, because that slow the plant’s growth

-Fluorescent lighting is the most favourable for germination.

-Try not to touch the seeds as much with your hands use tweezers if possible.

-In hydroponic/rockwool plugs, the ideal PH value is 5.8 – 6.2

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